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Potemkin Stairs

Odessa, Ukraine
4.9 / 7
Potemkin Stairs
Potemkin Stairs
Potemkin Stairs
Potemkin Stairs


Like living in a dream... Like living the history... The scene of the film comes in front of your eyes... A baby's stroller falling from the stairs..... Read more »

Emre Diker

One of the important places you must see in Odessa, don’t forget walking near forest, it is also near sea side, harbour, check around and take more pi.. Read more »

Svitlana Alokhina

Must visit - great sea view and local atmospere. There is a funicular on the right side so you can use it to go down and up with it. Down to the sea p.. Read more »

Hedge Hog

One of the most popular places to take a walk. Usually a lot of people in the area listening to live music played by either hired or street musicians... Read more »

Кристина Зима

It’s not so hard to accomplish that, guys! Especially when you’re hungry and you know that upstairs is food ? But, honestly, beautiful place with a ni.. Read more »

Ola Eklund

Historically interesting place. Odessa in it's virginity.

Gary Honegger

This is a must do when in Odessa and make sure you get a glimpse on the history of this very diverse town.

Bener Moğulkoç

Odessa is a neat, clean, peaceful City. Potemkin Stairs is one of The symbolic places of Odessa. The stairs are considered a formal entrance into the .. Read more »

Ankitt Patel

This grand staircase is a very ceremonious way to enter Odessa from the port. Paved with granite, the stairway was ordered by Prince Vorontsov as a g.. Read more »

sumon sheikh

It's a nice place ❤️❤️

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