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Mysterious Portugal is a country rich in history and culture, a warm temperate climate, first-class service and low crime. Located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, it is not very familiar to tourists who still prefer other, more classic European destinations - France, Spain, Italy.

Meanwhile, Portugal deserves to give it part of its vacation and attention. Ancient cities and magnificent medieval fortresses, well-maintained, clean beaches and well-developed infrastructure, numerous resorts and chic local cuisine make your vacation in this country rich, interesting and varied. The subtropical Mediterranean climate allows you to relax in Portugal almost all year round. The only thing worth considering: the winters in this country are rainy, albeit warm, from +5 to +10 ° C.

There are many four to five star hotels in the country. The best of them are located in ancient castles and fortresses. Familiarity with Portugal is best to start with Lisbon. Then you can go to smaller cities - Porto, Braga, Coimbra. Do not forget that in addition to the continental part, Portugal has island possessions - the Madeira archipelago. The main visiting card of the country - port is worth a try in combination with a local delicacy - swordfish. Fish and seafood is the main focus of Portuguese cuisine.
★ 4.6

Lisbon - in the distant past, the capital of a powerful maritime empire that gave the world the grea..