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Ponte 25 de Abril

Lisbon, Portugal
4.7 / 24
Iron suspension bridge 60s. XX century, thrown across the Tagus River and connecting two urban districts. The structure stretched 2.22 km in length. It is considered one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Until 1974, the design was named after António Salazar, however, after the Red Carnations Revolution on April 25, it was renamed in honor of this significant day for Portugal.
Address:Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisboa
Phone:+351 21 294 7920

Viewing the April 25th Bridge from the heart of Lisbon’s waterfront area was a real treat, especially as the sun rose early in the crisp, summer morni.. Read more »
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That bridge remains me of the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. It seems almost unrealistic when you stand in front of it. Really breathtaking and.. Read more »
I run this year Half Marathon in Lisbon and the start was in this bridge. I should say thay i didn't expect to be this huge,it's very well designed an.. Read more »
Beautiful bridge. It reminds San Francisco bridge in California, but much longer. It's very accessible and if you want to experience the best view, th.. Read more »
Very friendly and helpful staff in reception/tills, especially ladies which was selling us tickets. Worth to visit if you buy Lisbon Tourist Card for.. Read more »
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My husband, a civil engineer and bridge man, loved the bridge. Similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Interesting history o.. Read more »
Amazing engineering for such a small capital. Looks very similar to the San Fran one. Near it is the Jesus statue if you want amazing sights.
A nice open place to visit. Sunny day would be the best. Nice sea, you can exercise/bike just walk across the sea.
5 stars for the view from both sides 1 star for the Toll administration. Can save some time getting to/from the Almada municipality but that depends h.. Read more »
Do you use this bridge to go and return from work? Not the nicest place with frequent traffic jams due to the only 3 lanes per side. Do you see the br.. Read more »
A bit of San Francisco in Lisboa ? Looks enormously pretty. Night shots of it are good as well. Makes the city entrance a special moment ??
Wonderful bridge an amazing piece of architecture. No wonder how many times u go there u can't get enough of this place .Beautiful place,amazing ambia.. Read more »
Smaller brother of famous Golden Gate, largest suspension bridge I have seen. It is one of the dominants of Lisbon you will not miss because it is vis.. Read more »
Lovely bridge. A great attraction to visit when you go to Lisbon.
One of my favorite places in lisbon, especially on sunny days it's a great place to chill with friends or to exercise.
A true classic landmark, my absolute favorite Bridge. Amazing view
Great view of the Lisbon bridge, good place to hang out, skate, go for a walk/run with beautiful views on both side
The best point to have a view to the lisbon. I wish to have a walkway on that bridge. Im sure, it will be crowded.
MUST SEE when you come to Lisbon. Beautiful bridge. Went there for the sunset, BEAUTIFUL! Can’t imagine how it looks with the sunrise. Really nice to .. Read more »
I couldn't explain how is beauty.. night time is more beautiful..
Very nice bridge and overlooking the port of Lisbon
It is a bridge that links the Lisbon city to the south, more suburban area. Similar to the golden Gate Bridge in SF. Be prepared for a lot of traffic .. Read more »
Very Beautiful Bridge ? and Similar to the Golden Gate Bridge ? of Sanfrancisco, USA ??.
Beautiful and massive bridge that gives you the San Francisco feeling. Went there in July 2020 during the Great Pandemic so the area was more or less .. Read more »
Huge impressive bridge very similar to the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco - similar design and same red color. The bridge is not walkable. The be.. Read more »