Pont Alexandre III

Paris, France
5 / 5
A graceful bridge decorated with figures of angels, nymphs and openwork lanterns in the architectural style of the Beaux Arts. Thrown over the river Seine. After crossing the bridge, you can get from the Champs Elysees to the territory of the House of Disabled. The design was named after the Russian emperor Alexander III to emphasize the proximity of France and Russia in a certain period of time. The bridge was declared a valuable architectural monument in 1975.
Pont Alexandre III
Pont Alexandre III
Address:Pont Alexandre III, Paris


It's a very beautiful and nice bridge to visit. I would recommend to go after sunset. The bridge has beautiful architecture and view of the city with a little bit of Eiffel Tower view too.


The bridge is beautiful. Not sure how I could give less than 5 stars. It's a bridge. There is also some nice bars and clubs around. Some of them are in boats which is pretty cool. And just standing there and watching the sun set and boats pass by is .. Read more »


Probably, actually definitely... The most beautiful bridge in the world. In terms of romantic aesthetic atleast. Great view of the Eiffel Tower as well. The statues and lights just add to the beautifully crafted beauty of this bridge. It's as if it w.. Read more »


One of the best bridges in Paris! The statues are really cool to look at and look really great against the background of the rest of Paris. The sides of the bridge have really cool carvings and some artifacts from the Napoleonic era, and also have lo.. Read more »


One of the most beautiful bridge in Paris. It’s a must see. We saw people taking their wedding pictures there. Next to the bridge are two museums. Also you get a view of Eiffel Tower.


This is an amazing and must visit place in Paris. The view from the bridge is particularly mesmerizing. You get a far view of the Eiffel Tower and the background monument is perfect for photography.


Possibly the most beautiful bridge on the Seine river in Paris! The sides are white with gilding, while at each corner sits a massive stone tower with a gilded figure on top. It's an excellent place to take photos from. The view of the surrounding bu.. Read more »


Amazing iconic bridge in Paris!! Amazing angel statues on the top gold plated and very old historic Bridge! ???❤️


Maybe the best bridge of Paris with great statues at the banks. Worth visiting.


Possibly the most beautiful place to take a picture in the city


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