Pont Alexandre III

Paris, France
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A graceful bridge decorated with figures of angels, nymphs and openwork lanterns in the architectural style of the Beaux Arts. Thrown over the river Seine. After crossing the bridge, you can get from the Champs Elysees to the territory of the House of Disabled. The design was named after the Russian emperor Alexander III to emphasize the proximity of France and Russia in a certain period of time. The bridge was declared a valuable architectural monument in 1975.
Pont Alexandre III
Pont Alexandre III
Address:Pont Alexandre III, Paris

Priyadharshni RAMANUJAM

Prettiest bridge in Paris! I usually go here to see the Eiffle tower glittering every hour after sunset. The gardens on either side of the bridge are .. Read more »

Sajad Akbar

Pont Alexandre III is the best known and likely the most visited Paris bridge crossing the Seine. Wonderful gilded statuary and great views of attract.. Read more »

Michael Barakat

One of the most beautiful bridges I’ve ever seen! 2 columns carry golden statues on both sides of the bridges. Over it, many other statues decorate th.. Read more »

Drita D'Alessandro

Beautiful bridge, worth seeing. A little shining piece of history in a dreary world.

Vishwanath Purohit

19th century Pont Alexandre III the most beautifully opulently decorated ornate, extravagant bridge in Paris. that spans the Seine in Paris.It has b.. Read more »

la Société

What a gorgeous bridge! I love coming here from about 5pm onwards, when the light is perfect for pictures. There are a lot of wedding shoots here, as .. Read more »

Somveer Karhana

The bridge is well decorated and provides a nice view of the Eiffel Tower. Taking a walk along the bank of Seine river makes the visit more beautiful.


Pont Alexandre III in Paris over the Seine river is extremely beautiful to watch. You can take a closer glimpse of the same by doing a boat ride which.. Read more »

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