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Planetarium Dnipro

Dnipro, Ukraine
4.7 / 12
Planetarium Dnipro
Planetarium Dnipro
Planetarium Dnipro
Planetarium Dnipro
Planetarium Dnipro
Planetarium Dnipro
Address:узвіз Крутогірний, 10, Дніпро́
Phone:+380 562 475 917
Hours:monday: 10:00–17:00 tuesday: 10:00–17:00 wednesday: 10:00–17:00 thursday: 10:00–17:00 friday: 10:00–17:00 saturday: 10:00–20:00 sunday: 10:00–20:00

Igor Ruban

Thank you very much to the administration of the planetarium for the promptness of resolving issues. Earlier, 3 tickets were bought, a child fell ill .. Read more »

Таміла Август

In 2021 the planetarium opened after a large-scale reconstruction. Everything is new and very beautiful. We went to the program "Europe's Way to the S.. Read more »

Андрій Черкасов

has changed a lot. for the better. was at the program for the little ones. I would like more informative. earlier it seems to me they gave more inform.. Read more »

Сергей Обидин

Impressions in comparison with the Kharkov planetarium. There is a good repair here, there is an exposition. But the Starry sky is generated by projec.. Read more »

Владислава Лавренко

We visited the planetarium today. The lobby has a lot of modern chips, innovative technologies that are coolly combined with historical things, equipm.. Read more »

Yura Guru

It was finally opened after reconstruction. A great place for a hike with children, and maybe not only. Everything is new and beautiful, the staff is .. Read more »

Сергей Шабеко

Sumptuously! After renovation, definitely worth a visit! The territory is small, but here you can really "hang out" for half a day! It is wonderful th.. Read more »

Светлана Шабеко

We were the first visitors on December 29th. Thank you very much for such a wonderful place, the child is delighted. The staff are incredibly friendly.. Read more »

Сергій Нестеренко

Incredible view. I'm waiting for the opening.

Михайлова Александра

I was in my childhood. Not much to look at.

Виталий Суворов

Pts liked it. The child especially

Михайло Муха

I was here a long time ago and I liked everything, ? it's a really interesting planetarium?, I'm glad that, as they say, the repairs will be finished .. Read more »

Алёна Елисова

The planetarium is currently being renovated. About a year ago it was closed for major repairs. They wrote in the news that the repairs were at the fi.. Read more »

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