Pisa International Airport

Pisa, Italy
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Pisa International Airport
Pisa International Airport
Address:Piazzale D'ascanio, 1, Pisa
Phone:+39 050 849111

Muhammad Suleman

It's a small airport but very easy to reach and easy process . There is not much sitting area nor shopping centres. But since the city itself is 20 mi.. Read more »

Darth Rum69

Arrived in the rain. Moved through airport very efficiently, the Co-Vid impacts were minimal. Usual delays waiting for the suitcases to arrive and fo.. Read more »

alberto caldora

Yes it's a little airport in a very famous italian city ma in just an hour you can go everywhere. Now there is a train shuttle (5 euros) and in 10 min.. Read more »

David Jones

Organised, if a little slow. Covid-19 organised

Alberto M

Airport with huge potential but poor management and lack of organization particularly important during difficult times of covid pandemic. You need to .. Read more »

Marius A. Anghel

The airport is very close to the city, it is clean and wide range of flights

Andrew Reay

Good regional airport.. Facilities a bit old school, but all that you need to get you to your destination or welcome you (warmly) to Tuscany. Rail co.. Read more »

Lucia Popovici

Pisa Airport is a little gem in Tuscany sea side, though is a small airport is very functional and easy to get through. 1 hour only from Florence by t.. Read more »

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