Pisa International Airport

Pisa, Italy
2.5 / 10
Pisa International Airport
Pisa International Airport
Address:Piazzale D'ascanio, 1, Pisa
Phone:+39 050 849111


Small airport. It can get very busy. However, the line goes very fast. Nice shops to buy a quick present before you leave


I can understand all the negative reviews. Yes, the airport is small. Yes, it can't be very crowded. Yes, there's not many seats. Yes, there's not much to do. But I didn't care. The biggest advantage of this airport is that it's located right next .. Read more »


Security was okay although there was an unnecessarily long walk through barriers to get there. Once through to departures eveything worsened. Not enough seating, not enough toilets, not enough bars or cafes.... The list goes on. For such a lovely tou.. Read more »


Very few flights, less than Bologna with ten times the tourists. Terrible connections outside the central hours and 5 euros for a 2 minutes shuttle. Better off somewhere else What a shame for Tuscany!


Old terminal that isn’t fit for purpose anymore. Not enough seats at all. 2 of the 3 male toilets broken. Not enough vendors for drink/food but there is not room for more anyway. Seem to have air con but don’t use it...Great location, just very disap.. Read more »


This airport is in serious need of change. The airport is way too crowded, therefore too warm without proper air conditioning, there are far too few seats and not nearly enough food/drink places with seats. In case of an emergency, people would total.. Read more »


Very small airport which is not in the best condition. Not enough shops just to buy a snack, neither water. Long waiting time at the security check on all my flights (using the airport once the year since 10 years). Close to the Pisa tower with good.. Read more »


Small airport, reasonably well ordered. Cheapest airport coffee I've ever found (quality coffee too!) Good transfer onto Pisa Centrale (Don't get off the 'middle' stop!) Quickly through security, tho it was at an ungodly early hour Departure lounge h.. Read more »


Nowhere to fill up a water bottle, and it's February and I'm sweating because there's a thousand people crammed into a space where 500 people belong. Oh yeah and there's like maybe 100 places to sit, so enjoy standing while you wait for your plane f.. Read more »


Βe aware that the airport terminal is open from 4 am to last flight. So do not plan to be there earlier


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