Piazza del Duomo

Pisa, Italy
5 / 5
Piazza del Duomo
Piazza del Duomo
Address:Piazza del Duomo, Pisa
Phone:+39 050 835011


First trip to Pisa. How lovely. Some amazing photo attempts of holding up the tower! Nice meander and very good pizza....tuna, pineapple, sweet corn and red onion! Nice glass of rose. Very friendly staff who spoke excellent English.


One of those bucket list places. The tower and cathedral are beautiful. Climbing the tower is a must when you've already made the effort to come here. It gives you a nice view over the city. Other than this not much else to see really in Pisa.


It's Pisa, so the tower and Duomo don't require much explanation. It was a beautiful day. The structures are so well cared for. Beautiful grounds and bright green grass. What a great place for a nap.


Outstanding, so much more to see and admire than projected in all the tourist brochures of this place. Walled city with magnificent grounds and additional buildings. We found this location to be the most reasonable place to purchase souvenirs in all.. Read more »


Loved the afternoon I spent here. The atmosphere is electric. I can imagine without the sun shining it might not be the greatest experience but, it really does let you bask in the shadows of the amazing architecture around you.


I loved this place, God said “build it big” and thus it is written. Entrance fee was €18 this includes a walk up the Leaning Tower, it’s big but not glamorous, easy on the eye and have a look at the lectern, it’s towers over the flock. Have a great .. Read more »


Definitely worth seeing but need not take all day. Allow half a day to have a good explore of the place, including the cathedral and famous bell tower at least. Good cafes and restaurants nearby. Was very easy to get around in late January but we wer.. Read more »


This is the plaza where the leaning tower of Pisa is located, stunning architecture. The tower is amazing to see, the whole area however is a an architectural feat that is simply amazing. Beautiful area.


It's the prettiest grass laid area I have seen on 7 continents. I wanted to walk barefoot in the lush grass. But the buildings were calling my name. A truly marvel of the world.


Loved the weather, great plave to admire the leaning tower. There are restaurants in the area for dining with modest prices. Great place to buy Souvenirs as well. Make sure to catch your train back as its quiet far from Rome.


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