Petřín hill

Prague, Czech Republic
4.7 / 10
Petřín Hill is located on the left bank of the Vltava River, in the Malaya Side quarter. The most picturesque and highest (327 m) of the seven hills of Prague is covered with legends: standing on Petřín Hill, Grand Duchess Libushe predicted the emergence of the city of Prague on a steep cliff above the Vltava, the fame of which will reach the stars.
Petřín hill


It's really relaxing and I absolutely love it there!


Nice view over the Prague, attractions such as outlook tower, mirror hall, rose gardens. Opportunities for walking, relaxation, famous spot to go and meet for young couples of any gender. Accessible via cable car from Újezd , part of the Municipal tr.. Read more »


This is a beautiful stroll to see rose gardens & veiw Pragues city & countryside


We walked up, pretty hard walk but better then waiting for the crowded train. The view is great.


Very expensive and not for people who don't like heights. Beautiful view.


place with a magical view. especially if you catch a good weather!


a magical view from the top, in the winter and was beautiful and peaceful


Lovely place to hangout with friends


Beautiful place in Prague with breathtaking views of the city.There is also a mini Eiffel tower on the hill which is chargeable .I liked the Autumn leaves and had a nice stroll around the whole hill from the castle back to the city .It was a pleasant.. Read more »


Very nice view of the city


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