Patriarchal Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helena

Bucharest, Romania
4.6 / 5
Patriarchal Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helena
Address:Aleea Dealul Mitropoliei 2, București
Phone:+40 21 406 7167


The Patriarch's seat. It's a historical monument. It is situated on the highest ground of Bucharest, elevated at no more than 60 m. It is on a very central area of the city. The walk to reach the seat is marvelous, no matter the direction you will ch.. Read more »


Most holy place! Keeps the relics of st. Dimitar Basarbovski, the holy monk from Basarbovo monastery and village, near city of Russe, Bulgaria. St. Dimitar Basrbovski is declared to be protector of Bucharest, the capital of Romania.


As Bucharest sights go, it is very impressive to see from the outside, on both directions (front and back). We didn't get inside, the English tour is more then an hour, and you must registet in advance (online or on the spot)


Very beautiful view.The buildings are well kept and preserved.They take you back in history


Beautiful architecture and energy.


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