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Athens, Greece
4.5 / 11
Greek temple dedicated to the patroness of the city - the goddess Athena. The majestic building was built in the 5th century BC. during the heyday of the city of Athens under the ruler of Pericles. The names of the temple architects have survived to this day. It is believed that the masters Kallikrath and Iktin worked on the construction, and the great Phidius worked on the sculptural design. The interior of the Parthenon was magnificent and pompous, and the facade was painted in different colors.
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Lara Panzini

This is an amazing historic place. I would highly recommend doing your reading about the site before visiting as there's little explanation to read th.. Read more »

Eric Fröhlich

The preservation work is very apparent, but in the best way possible. It is clear what has been added recently and permits you to still imagine how it.. Read more »


My wife’s boyfriend, Tyrone, really enjoys the architecture of the Parthenon. He is a real big fan of Greek culture and history and visiting this plac.. Read more »

Jamela Mari Yap

The place was so rich in history. You can literally feel the weight of its history when you're there hiking. It was such a romantic place that my boyf.. Read more »

sarah castro

The Parthenon is the best known of the remaining buildings in Ancient Greece and has been decorated with the best of Greek architecture. His decorativ.. Read more »

Brandon “Crush” Reimers

A stunning sight of history and loading with information about the Ancient Greek Gods! Definitely a monumental sight not to miss out on! Breathtaking .. Read more »

Emilia Zvigzne

Very nice looking but for those who payed the full entry fee of €20 were a bit let down because the parthenon was a bit under construction. Still love.. Read more »

Peter Malachi Feeney

This is the reason to visit Athens. We'll, the museums, the food and flea markets also are good reasons as well


Amazing! But there is a lot of scaffolding and careful policing of everything visitors do, and now also some plexiglass. I suppose this is to be expec.. Read more »

Kornelijus Žitkevičius

It looked better looking at Acropolis from other hills than being on it. Current construction works are distorting the view. I'd say its a must go des.. Read more »

J Hill

The Acropolis is clearly a must see in Athens which is pretty much free to climb and enjoy. You have to pay €20 to get in to see the Parthanon, which .. Read more »

Petroula Levidis

An incredible place , a must visit ,everybody should make time and visit this place . It makes u proud to be Greek . The last time i visited was with .. Read more »

Meg Nicholson

Incredible historic building, absolutely worth a visit. Inspiring and beautiful even with the restoration work, plus a bonus to see so many other anci.. Read more »

David Fox

An amazing place to appreciate history and enjoy panoramic views of the city of Athens. Really well preserved and maintained, and pairs nicely with th.. Read more »

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