Athens, Greece
4.9 / 10
Greek temple dedicated to the patroness of the city - the goddess Athena. The majestic building was built in the 5th century BC. during the heyday of the city of Athens under the ruler of Pericles. The names of the temple architects have survived to this day. It is believed that the masters Kallikrath and Iktin worked on the construction, and the great Phidius worked on the sculptural design. The interior of the Parthenon was magnificent and pompous, and the facade was painted in different colors.
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Amazing experience especially at sunset. Arrive early to avoid disappointment. Self service machine not working. Big queues and last entry was 1930. So get there at least 2 hrs before closing time. Need 3 hrs to enjoy the spectacular views. Note to .. Read more »


The monument is amazing! You climb up the cliff and you can see the view of Athens, the vibes are incredible. If you visit Greece you should definitely be here.


One of the most iconic places in the world and a total showstopper. Seeing the Parthenon from the city of Athens stops your breath, and when you finally manage to climb up right to it you stay starstruck. Really an extraordinary sight for art lovers,.. Read more »


Amazing temple ruins on top of the Acropolis. It was badly damaged by an explosion years ago but even so the sheer scale and beauty is magical. Lots of tourists so go early to avoid the queues. There is so much to see you need a few hours, there are .. Read more »


A great and humbling experience to be in the cradle of Western Civilization. Our tour guide was excellent, explaining the significance of Greek thought and it's contributions to the foundations of our society. Rather than a recitation of dry facts, .. Read more »


A must see in Athens and we enjoyed it very much. I do have some tips to help people: -Wear good shoes. No heels or slippery soles. Marble and soapstone coupled with gravel is very very slippery. The walk up...yes you have to walk up, is long. There .. Read more »


A beautiful place where you can feel history. At every step you come into contact with ancient culture, art and customs. The whole place is well protected and excavations are ongoing.


Cool place if you get there early enough to avoid the crowds! The history here is amazing. We took a Chat tour here on a large bus. I would not repeat that as it was too many people for the tour guide to heard around. Small groups from now on!


Parthenon is the most professional, caring office that you could go to. The doctors and employees are very nice, professional, caring and great! Just to mention a few Peter, Dr.C, Dr.Baker, Tatiana and Anesha are all second to none. If you ever need .. Read more »


It is an amazing and beautiful experience! Probably one of the best things you'll see in the world. The walk up is gorgeous and to see the Acropolis up close is crazy! I'd love to go back


Spectacular glimpse into ancient history. This was on my "bucket list" of things to see in my lifetime. It did not disappoint.


Impressive! Wear good shoes with non slip soles the paths can be slippery. Fabulous views over the city, information signs in English, altogether awe inspiring.


One of a kind and impossible to miss, this was the crown jewel of a trip of a lifetime. The informative placards could only attempt to describe the immense significance of this classic monument to human achievement.


The place freedom was born and the small weak get together to be one and fight the huge Persian army ...the temple of Nike if you are traveling to this place go in the morning before the crowds and the heat it beautiful and huge ...and has the best v.. Read more »


Amazing. Everybody should visit at least once. It is better to use a guide


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