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Park Slavy

Kherson, Ukraine
4.2 / 6
Park Slavy

Franky Danky

Looks old and not restored

Sarah Lee

Not crowded, family friendly. People come here in the evenings to relax, smoke some shisha with friends, fun times :)

בצלאל אבנון

This is a nice place. Mostly not so crowded. The Dniper is just fabulous and there is parking. Good place to have picnics. Nice place just to relax wh.. Read more »

Irene Ts

One of the must-see places in Kherson. This is the best point to observe our beloved river Dnipro. A meditative place.

Gregory Malets

Beautiful place but lack of WC. There is one but always doesn't work.

Kirill Tropin

Nice park to walk through with a view of the river. Decently clean and well maintained. No more eternal fire though.

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