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Rome, Italy
4.8 / 10
The construction of the 2nd century BC, the "temple of all gods" in Greek. The Pantheon was created during the period of the highest flowering of ancient Roman architecture. For many centuries under the dome of the building worshiped the pagan gods, until the early VII century the Pantheon was converted into a Christian temple. The building is in good condition today thanks to numerous renovations that began before the onset of our era.
Address:Piazza della Rotonda, Roma
Phone:+39 06 6830 0230
Hours:monday: 09:00–18:00 tuesday: 09:00–18:00 wednesday: 09:00–18:00 thursday: 09:00–18:00 friday: 09:00–18:00 saturday: 09:00–18:00 sunday: 08:30–07:30

dijana palada

While you waiting in the queue you have enough time to admire "the temple of all the gods" from the outside. First Pantheon was built by Marcus Agripp.. Read more »


I really liked Pantheon too much... The fine carvings on the monument is extraordinary example of Roman architecture and culture... It was built by le.. Read more »

Jones Beene

What an amazing piece of history...words can't describe how magnificent this building truly is...and to imagine it was built 2,000 years ago...I'm sti.. Read more »

אמיר מרציאנו

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עומר אבידר

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נעמי שמרי

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Martyn Joly

From the exterior, the Pantheon is very beautiful. Inside I was amazed how well kept and beautiful the church is. Pantheon is on a beautiful little sq.. Read more »

Amer Dar

Ohh, what should I say as an Architect.. I wouldn't like to describe it, it's one of the Miracles of Architecture.. can you imagine?? Highly recommend.. Read more »

Akhi Adam Marlow

Going inside here I had heard the name Pantheon before but didn't really know what it was or why it was there. I was definitely surprised to find that.. Read more »

Jo Jo

I think no words, no records, and no books or articles can describe the feeling of walking into this historic place... anywhere you look it feels like.. Read more »

Thomas Brown

Absolutely amazing place to visit. Must see when in Rome. Breathtaking and with a tour was great to find out more information about this amazing place.. Read more »

Joshua Formentera

Pantheon in Rome is one of the most impressive monument of Augustan Rome. It is indeed a stunning that almost thousand years still very well kept and .. Read more »

Hugo Lessing

Of course the Pantheon should definelty be visited is your in Rome. The pantheon is still very preserved from the Romans and has good security with it.. Read more »

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