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Palace of Parliament

Bucharest, Romania
4.7 / 10
A monstrous building in the city center, for the sake of which an impressive part of the historical areas was demolished and an artificial hill was poured. The giant was erected at the request of the dictator N. Ceausescu, more than one billion dollars was spent on the construction. Previously, the building was called the "House of the People", but after the overthrow of the communist government it was renamed the "Palace of Parliament".
Palace of Parliament
Address:Strada Izvor 2-4, București
Phone:+40 21 316 0300

Riael Kratek

Some of them steal but it's getting better. Romania deserves better.

Celya Sam

A very beautiful place Thanks ??

Janis Firmo

Very beautiful building, different of everything I saw, huge and charming.

Stephen Suley

Very impressive building created by a very evil man. One of the main attractions in the city. A must visit for all travellers

Beegee does edits

We had a really fun tour ! I don’t advice people of age to go as there is a lot of walking and you can’t use the elevator so you will have to up insid.. Read more »

Eva Karamesini

A huge building after pentagon with 1100 rooms which you need 18 hours at least to see them if you spend 5 min in each room. The marble inside in all .. Read more »

Steve Armpis

Palace of the parliament is the masterpiece of the whole Romania. It reflects the strength of its people, the tough history behind the lights , and th.. Read more »

Roxana Merry

Very impressive building, with a lot of history. It's worth visiting, the tour it's over 1 hour so you need comfortable shoes and clothes.

Razvan Pop

Biggest building in Europe. Biggest civil building in the world. Although it houses the Parliament assembly, certain areas can be visited. Most of the.. Read more »

omar tariq

Amazing palace of parliament with interesting history. 2nd biggest administrative building in the world. Most expensive building in the world. About 1.. Read more »

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