Palace of Parliament

Bucharest, Romania
5 / 5
A monstrous building in the city center, for the sake of which an impressive part of the historical areas was demolished and an artificial hill was poured. The giant was erected at the request of the dictator N. Ceausescu, more than one billion dollars was spent on the construction. Previously, the building was called the "House of the People", but after the overthrow of the communist government it was renamed the "Palace of Parliament".
Palace of Parliament
Address:Strada Izvor 2-4, București
Phone:+40 21 316 0300


It is a must see. You might not be convinced, but it's really impressive. It's monumental, it's a huge part of history and you will need admit after visit it's impressive overall and in details. The tour guides are providing information on the histor.. Read more »


A huge building after pentagon with 1100 rooms which you need 18 hours at least to see them if you spend 5 min in each room. The marble inside in all rooms and halls is amazing. The silk curtains and carpers...worth going!


This beautiful palace is simply stunning. You buy admission tickets for a desired entry time when you are let in. The architecture is awe inspiring. Walking through the rooms you can admire the art and the grandure of the palace. You are guided throu.. Read more »


You can go inside with an admission fee. They have hours when it open and close but I’m not that sure of the timings. In this side of the parliament is a parking area where alot of people hang out during nighttime. They said it is also the nice part .. Read more »


An impressive building made in Romania. The second largest public building in the world. It was build in the scope of "sistematizarea". You must visit it.


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