Palace of Culture Energetik

Prypyat, Ukraine
Palace of Culture Energetik
Palace of Culture Energetik
Address:вул. Курчатова, 10, Прип'ять
Hours:monday: 09:15–21:30 tuesday: 09:15–21:30 wednesday: 09:15–21:30 thursday: 09:15–21:30 friday: 09:15–21:30 saturday: 09:15–21:30 sunday: 09:15–21:30


Gotta say, the tour around the power plant is amazing. Service at the hotel was great, and the sight of the local wildlife was one of the best parts of the city. And bathing at the river was pretty cool. Still not sure why i keep on vomiting blood an.. Read more »


Back in its day, it used to have one of the best dance halls in all of Soviet Ukraine. Nowadays, all we see is an echo, but still you can be able to feel the beauty, which, in my opinion gets amplified by nature taking over it.


What an experience, Chernobyl! If you are going to the Ukraine you need to do this tour! Fantastic!!!


Best experience! I even had the opportunity to dance with a woman with 4 hands!


Cool place! They serve nice drinks here. The service is outstanding so polite. Michael and I loved this place we will be planning a trip back so expect us!


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