Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw, Poland
4.4 / 5
High-rise building, almost an exact copy of the Stalinist skyscrapers in Moscow. It was erected by the Russian architect L. Rudnev by order of I.V. Stalin, who thus wanted to make a gift to the Polish people. It houses offices, cinemas, a large conference room, museums and exhibition galleries. The spire of the building dominates all the buildings in Warsaw and serves as a guide for tourists who do not know the city.
Palace of Culture and Science
Address:plac Defilad 1, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 656 76 00


The architecture is breathtaking!! Reminds me a lot of the Moscow University (which is fitting since the city has still a lot of Soviet and communist era influence in terms of buildings and architecture), it's definitely a must-see in Warsaw! I would.. Read more »


Stunning building. You can travel up to the 30 level for a small charge, where you can walk outside and enjoy the views. There is a cafe on this level as well but it doesn't do itself any favours. Bland coffee, one choice of cake and no sandwiches. I.. Read more »


Historical architecture is the old Town Warsaw, there are many other structure situated around here like Royal palace, presidential palace, museums, Jesuit church etc, on walking distance, area found full-time crowded by tourists from around the glob.. Read more »


Absolutely huge. This is the biggest clock tower I've ever seen. Well worth seeing for yourself. Fantastic architecture.


It's old and georgeus tower with great view with skyscapers and whole city. Entrance to 30th floor is 10 PLN for students and 20 PLN for the others. And on that floor there is also gift shop.


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