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Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw, Poland
4.7 / 12
High-rise building, almost an exact copy of the Stalinist skyscrapers in Moscow. It was erected by the Russian architect L. Rudnev by order of I.V. Stalin, who thus wanted to make a gift to the Polish people. It houses offices, cinemas, a large conference room, museums and exhibition galleries. The spire of the building dominates all the buildings in Warsaw and serves as a guide for tourists who do not know the city.
Palace of Culture and Science
Address:plac Defilad 1, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 656 76 00

Nam Ku Pak

Great architectural site for the Warsaw. The history of the building is worth enough for the visit. However, I have a mix feeling visiting the Terrace.. Read more »

Akash Kundu

Very authentic and beautiful place. There is a park just opposite to the theater where one can sit and have some measure time. Perfect place to observ.. Read more »

Jakob Pawlowski

Beautiful building with a great view from balcony on top. Great at night also with the special light effects. I don't know, if it is possible to visit.. Read more »

Thomas Rambo

Pretty cool old soviet building in the heart of Warsaw. Looks very intersting when it's all lite up at night. Going up to the top offers a great view .. Read more »

Paka Buraka

Central point of Warsaw. Outstanding in many contexts. It's a skyscraper which is packed with cultural and scientists institutions, what is quite unus.. Read more »

Yonathan Stein

I love this place. One of the Stalin buildings. Very big, central area and amazing view. You should go to the terrace and enjoy the sunset there. They.. Read more »

andrea barbieri

Highly recomended

Flight Watch

View from the top was breathtaking. best way to see the city. Covid measures were well enforced.

Jude xx

Remarkable building, which is unique in comparison to the rest of the buildings in the city. It may appear not as big as it is, but once you go around.. Read more »

Mike H

This enormous structure dominates the centre of Warsaw It looks glorious at night when it is lit up and bathed in a reddish glow .

Lorenzo Bellini

Wonderful palace, it has the most beautiful view that you can have of the main city in Poland, Warsaw. You can go to the top floor and make some very.. Read more »

Juan Correa

The sightseeing that this building offers is unique. I visited with my wife during summer and we really enjoyed it. If you are in Warsaw, you should e.. Read more »

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