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Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Lisbon, Portugal
4.8 / 33
The monument, erected in honor of figures of the era of great geographical discoveries. This impressive monument was built during the reign of dictator Salazar. It is distinguished by its majestic style and huge size; the monument is 50 meters high. In this way, the architect wanted to emphasize the importance of discoveries made by Portuguese sailors. At the top of the monument is a panoramic observation deck.
Address:Av. Brasília, Lisboa
Phone:+351 21 303 1950

Impressive monument for its size and design. The view from the top is breathtaking, I think it's worth paying the lift to go up. If you are afraid of .. Read more »
The monument is a totalitarian landmark that is a must-visit during your stay in lisbon. There is an exhibition in the basement for those who buy a ti.. Read more »
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This monument is incredible. The sheer size of it is more impressive than the Belem tower. Worth coming in the late afternoon do you can get some pict.. Read more »
Very impressive. You need to stand up close to appreciate the scale of the monument. Deserves better than to have a busy dual carriageway next to it w.. Read more »
Very interesting place. There is an entrance to the top of the monument. As of May 2022, the ticket is six euros. I recommend going to the top. The vi.. Read more »
Don’t pay for the visit to the top. The view is cool and the 5 stars is for the sculptures and time it took to build the landmark. That said, it is .. Read more »
Very cool looking monument that you have to check out. The size alone is crazy and up close it’s even crazier. I didn’t go inside due to lack of time .. Read more »
Very cool monument on the waterfront. Worth visiting and taking a stroll along the promenade. Monument is very impressive up close. 6 euro to go insi.. Read more »
Nice views from the top though the ticket is really expensive for a few min on the top and nothing else. The area around is nice in the weekend with l.. Read more »
Great views of Lisbon from the top! Impressive structure with figures from history carved into the side. Definitely the best way to see the map on the.. Read more »
We was just for one night in Lisbon. So we decided to go on the next morning to the attraction around us. I had a Portuguese Person with me so was rea.. Read more »
This monument is located on the northern waterfront of Tagus River. It was inaugurated in 1960, and was dedicated to the age of discoveries in the hey.. Read more »
This monument is located on the northern waterfront of Tagus River. It was inaugurated in 1960, and was dedicated to the age of discoveries in the hey.. Read more »
Awesome place to visit. Near to seaside that gives extra bonus to this monument. Ample of restaurants nearby. Easy to reach by public transport. you c.. Read more »
An amazing sculpture! We first enjoyed it from a sailboat, then on land. The ground map on land nearby is a beautiful and informative work of art as w.. Read more »
Highly recommended! Very beautiful area, so glad I was able to see it in person. You can go to the top and have amazing views of the city and the rive.. Read more »
Magnificent view from the top. But you need to show some patience waiting for half an hour. Nevertheless, worthy waiting in the que. Exhibition of col.. Read more »
Historical place, well preserved, so sunny around but good to take a walk next to the river. Some places to drink coffee and eat around. You won't mis.. Read more »
Definitely recommend going here at night. The lights on the monument are beautiful with the view of the bridge. I also recomment sitting down by the r.. Read more »
Great to look at and get pictures, while walking along the strip and taking on the views. Can be very busy around it with lots of people sitting near .. Read more »
Nice monument. The visit is limited to 10 minutes during pandemic but excellent view at top. Free of charge on April
Well detailed monument. I didn't go in, apparently it's a museum as well. but it's located right onto the river and its surroundings has an enjoyable .. Read more »
A very well conserved place for a relaxing walk and to enjoy the river. I wish other places in historical Lisbon were like this. Sometimes we feel a l.. Read more »
Awesome Master piece Architecture.... On the bank of Tagus River. Would really like to visit again ????
Padrão dos Descobrimentos = meaning a Monument of the Discoveries >is surely one of the interesting Monumental Structure erected along the side of th.. Read more »
Spectacular place. Must visit! I lived in Portugal for a few years and only now am starting to appreciate the beauty this city has to offer
I've always loved this statue and in Covid times it was not busy so we went to the Observation deck. What a view. Again the staff were really nice and.. Read more »
The monument was conceived in 1939 by Portuguese architect José Ângelo Cottinelli Telmo, and sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida, as a temporary beacon durin.. Read more »
Cool think to do in Belem. Lift inside is not expensive and worth it for the views.
A large monument which provides an excellent view of Lisbon and the old town. Very quick to visit thanks to the elevator and with a better view than t.. Read more »
It's a beautiful monument, but it should explain the true story of the so call Discoveries. Especially the dark side of it.
I was expecting it to be a little cheesy or kitschy, but it is actually quite impressive, especially during sunset when we arrived. The oversized figu.. Read more »
Portuguese were great sailors in the world. They discovered many places, come and visit here and learn about the history of them.
A monument dedicated to the Portuguese explorers, built at the point from where the ships sailed to explore India and set up trading routes. It rememb.. Read more »