Ozeryanska Church

Kharkiv, Ukraine
2.8 / 4
Ozeryanska Church
Address:вулиця Полтавський Шлях, 124, Харків
Phone:+380 57 372 4041

Владимир Норин

I was at an early service on Sunday, I bought a large candle, put it on a candlestick and I saw it immediately removed, I went up to the workers of th.. Read more »

Avoka Di

The child was baptized. Premises are the basement of the church. The room is small, but beautiful, I can't imagine how more than two children are bapt.. Read more »

Vladislav Naugolny

This is a kind of church that I really don't appreciate. Lots of homeless people walking around this place, lots of them are alcoholics too. Also this.. Read more »

artem rybalka

very nice temple

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