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Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Shanghai, China
4.9 / 9
The television tower was opened in 1994. Height - 468 meters. One of the highest in Asia. The name is explained by architectural features: 15 different-sized spheres-pearls are located at different levels. Inside there are two viewing platforms with a glass floor: at an altitude of 263 and 360 meters. For convenience, 6 elevators. They accommodate from 30 to 50 people and deliver passengers from the first floor to the last in 40 seconds.
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Address:1 Century Avenue, Pudong
Phone:+86 21 5879 1888


The Oriental pearl TV tower ? very beautiful architecture and one of the tall building in the #Shanghai. The Oriental pearl tower ? is the one of the .. Read more »

Sunny Tay

Famous Pearl tower. Definitely worth a visit for any tourist to Shanghai. Make sure you have a wide angle lens camera so that you can take a proper pi.. Read more »

abode abode

A beautiful architectural and geometric tower with beautiful views of the city and beautiful and bright lights at night and it is also every pearl ???

Hasan Mahmud Himu

Amazing, extraordinary... Definitely, tech lover and kids will love it. Worthful visit with 230 Chinese yuan.


An amazing iconic building, it well worth a visit and to admire from the outside and inside. A great place to get pictures. Tickets are 230 a person t.. Read more »

Darylyn Phraner

It's the Space Needle of Shanghai. So much ch to see and many different floors to do it on. There's a 395m, 293m, 290m transparent and the 190 open fl.. Read more »

Simone Lin

So a nice views from the tower. Wonderfull experience.

Ma Ba

Must see area in Shanghai


The Pearl Tower is one of the most distinctive of the super buildings near the waterfront. We thought it was just a TV tower and we came too late to g.. Read more »

Md. Sadekur Rahman

Spectacular at night when lit I have seen it day and night. It is awesomely beautiful when lit up at night. Its revolving restaurant offers a very go.. Read more »

Sarkar Mamun

I visited here with my friends and senior citizen on a Travel trip in early March 2018. The night view of the bund near by Oriental pearl TV Tower was.. Read more »

Ilko Radulov

This is once in a lifetime experience. Everyone who is visiting the city shall take some time off and visit this place for sure. The 230 U ticket fee .. Read more »

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