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Ontario Science Centre

Toronto, Canada
4.6 / 46
A museum designed to demonstrate and popularize the scientific achievements of mankind. It was founded in 1969. On the territory of the museum you can see with your own eyes the latest developments in the fields of physics, astronomy, medicine, biology and other industries. An impressive part of the exposition is devoted to space exploration and related tasks. The museum is aimed at the general public from the smallest to adult visitors.
Address:770 Don Mills Road, North York
Phone:+1 416-696-1000

A good place for Science lover and curious. So much to explore in a day, I'll say you'll need minimum 3 days to explore this place and appreciate eve.. Read more »
Amazing Day Spent With Kids! Wasn’t as crowded as expected but was busy enough. Plenty of hands on, interactive displays for kids and adults. Tons .. Read more »
Perfect for kids... Surley a day they would remember in their lives..They have made it as interactive as possible so that the kids could soak in all t.. Read more »
Science experiments on the go .. beautifully presented concepts and so so many things to explore . The ground floor had many sections where there are .. Read more »
It was bigger than I expected, got there just before 1 and left around 5. It was summer time so many kids and families r there but it was a wholesome .. Read more »
We are visitors from BC so we were hoping the Ontario Science Centre would be like our own Science World in Vancouver, but bigger. Boy were we wrong; .. Read more »
Went to the science centre with the kids and they loved it. All the displays are engaging for different age groups so there's always something for ev.. Read more »
The bridge is under repairs... They're shuttling folks from the front to the back. Super efficient. Nice facilities! Lots of great interactive site.. Read more »
A great place for children and teens. Some of the exhibits are older, but they always add new things. The entire facility is in multiple levels, but e.. Read more »
I haven't been to the Science in years, but our Godson just turned 5 and they have never been before. It really hasn't changed as in hands on and exhi.. Read more »
We weren't sure what to do over the long weekend so we tried the OSC. We have a boy just under two and he had a blast. So many exhibits to see and cre.. Read more »
Exhibits are in need updating to be more interactive and suit a wider range of ages. Most are not well designed for children under 10 and the kids zo.. Read more »
Nice and well organized science center. The staff is always helpful and friendly. I became a member during winter so I could bring my daughter to enj.. Read more »
This place will always be my favourite place to visit. And not just for the nostalgia it provides, but it’s always endless fun and many things to expl.. Read more »
Took my son here today and had such an amazing time. The science centre never fails to keep my son interested and engaged. There are so many exhibits,.. Read more »
This is the most recommended place for kids. Visited the science centre with my 4 Years old. They had lots of fun and learning experience. There are .. Read more »
2021 December 4.5★ Despite it's name, Ontario Science Centre, this science center is more like Toronto's science center. Why? There are other science .. Read more »
Excellent place for kids to have fun and learn. I used to go there when I was young, it was exciting. Over the years I have been there few times but .. Read more »
This is a great place for students, especially high school. It has education with regard to geography and history, which is a must go place. In additi.. Read more »
Fun place. Not all the activities are great but kids can enjoy and run around. Gives lot of chances for parents to engage kids in learning. Planeta.. Read more »
Our kids loved Science World - lots of great exhibits and fun for the whole family. We really enjoyed it! The staff were also very friendly and helpfu.. Read more »
Great fun for anyone! Families with children, couples, adults, just anyone curious about science and wanting an interactive experience. It's a popula.. Read more »
Currently updating their exhibits..totally worth the hype. Great range of topics covered by the exhibits split across 5 levels. Kids activity section.. Read more »
Always a pleasure visiting the science center. Certain things still aren't open but it was a good time regardless. Good thing to do indoors when the.. Read more »
If you are in to science, this is a wonderful place to visit. Lots of things to see and do for children and adults. They always seem to have some kind.. Read more »
It's a fantastic place to take the kids. All of the interactive learning exercises were a hit with them. There's a lot to see and do, and the exhibits.. Read more »
The place is built on a hill and is very large, too large as exhibits are scattered all over the place on many levels. The exhibits are good but be pr.. Read more »
An excellent place to come bring your family. They have several floors of fun and educational displays. It does seem that most of the displays are for.. Read more »
Very interesting and fun place (esp. if you have kids). We made friends with A. Wong (he has been working there for 20+ years) and he was very nice, f.. Read more »
The Omnivax experience is certainly unique. The expositions are okay but not mind blowing and worthy of a return trip. Considering that the science ce.. Read more »
Such a remarkable place. I grew up going here, and now bring my small kids. Lots to.learn, see, touch and do, and all very well organized esp. in co.. Read more »
great fun for kids and adults alike , you can't leave without having learned something and the curiosity of the unknown helps with family connections .. Read more »
The Ontario Science Center consists of 6 floors and all of them are great! They are all so unique for any age and all the staff are polite. I get a lo.. Read more »
It is great that these days our kids are being offered something beyond staring at all kinds of screens all days long! Ontario Science Centre is a rar.. Read more »
Our entire family recommends the Ontario Science Centre to anyone visiting or living here. The exhibits and activities available are a wonder! The st.. Read more »
So much to explore! There are tons of hands on activities, educational lectures and demonstrations for all ages. I've had so many great experiences, e.. Read more »
I loved the Ontario Science Centre when it was new (opened in 1969). School trips were a real treat at one time, but now, the place is in decay with n.. Read more »
Very popular place for both kids and adults. Many fun hands-on activities and also educational. One of the best places to visit in Toronto.
Not a great place for actually learning. Cool experience to see the amphibians in the plant section but it doesn't really teach you anything. the lect.. Read more »
Huge space and the exhibits are quite interactive for both children and adults. Their IMAX theatre is pretty good as well. Some parts are a bit outdat.. Read more »
The kids enjoyed all aspects of this.
Took my two nephews here before covid hit :(. Many many things to do. Perfect place for any kids who have keen interest in science.
we went there last time. This place was amazing. We throughoutly enjoyed the tour as they give typical insights into showcased items. Great fun for ki.. Read more »
Such a great place , never ever miss your chance to take kids. You are going to love ❤️ it. Full of knowledge and highly educated staff. Thank you. Th.. Read more »
The science centre never disappoints but it was better before they had the renovations. The interactive exhibits are a bit chaotic, and a lot of the i.. Read more »
Spent the day here with my four year old and we had a great time. Lots of parking and plenty to see inside. If you have time, see a show in the IMAX t.. Read more »