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Oliwa Cathedral

Gdansk, Poland
4.9 / 7
The picturesque Catholic church of the XIV century, built in the Gothic style. It has impressive dimensions - two symmetrical towers reach a height of 46 meters, the length of the cathedral exceeds 100 meters. Inside is a magnificent 18th-century organ and 23 marble altars created in the Rococo and Baroque styles. A museum is opened at the temple, where works of church art of the XIV-XVI centuries are exhibited.
Oliwa Cathedral
Address:Biskupa Edmunda Nowickiego 5, Gdańsk
Phone:+48 58 552 47 65

Furkan Bakal

The best organ concert ever


Oliwa Cathedral was erected as a Cistercian church in the thirteenth century as a Gothic, three-nave basilica. It was built on the plan of a Latin cro.. Read more »

Юрий Шакарян

A beautiful catholic cathedral.

Makalu Jerzy Ogonowski

A very atmospheric place known for organ concerts. I definitely recommend it

Michał Kołodziejczyk

Absolutely amazing place to visit. So much beauty and history in one location.

andrzej ZAWADA

You need to see it. Words have no sense.

Heather Paetow

Some of the most wonderful artwork ever seen outside of museums & don't get me started on the Stained Glass - Phenomenal

Wojciech Potentas

Polish historic churches are super.

Deneese D.

Woderful place! The interior is stunning, highly recommended. The adjacent gardens are also worth seeing. Very beautiful!

sumiethraa seenivasan

As you see it now, this church in the Oliwa District, some 10 kilometres northwest of the Old Town , dates to the 14th and 15th centuries. A fire gut.. Read more »

Protector Oscinum

The building has a rich history. It started as the founding point of Oliwa. The Teutornic knights as well as the Cistercians had their headquarters t.. Read more »

Christopher Walker

From the outside, this cathedral is unremarkable. It's only when you step inside that you will discover what an incredible treasure it is. I'm not a r.. Read more »

Aya Pandragona

If you consider visiting the place, check out when organ concerts are performed. Their sound and skill made me love organ music for the first Time!

Mitchell Walsh

From the outside, the cathedral looks a bit underwhelming, especially when compared to the Basilica of St Mary in Gdańsk centre. That impression chang.. Read more »

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