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Monument Alexander Pushkin

Chernihiv, Ukraine
5 / 5
Monument Alexander Pushkin
Address:вулиця Гонча, 6, Чернігів
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Виталий Акдал

Monument to Alexander Pushkin, was cast from bronze in St. Petersburg in 1900 in Berthold's workshop. A. Pushkin visited Chernigov twice - in 1820 and.. Read more »

Tina Vlasenko

The monument is in good condition. However, its location is not very easy to find.

Роман Домбровський

A monument to Pushkin on the shaft, a very comforting place he got.

Александр Волгин

The monument was returned to the place, handsome!

Светлана Антонина

A beautiful monument to the great writer.

John Doe

Monument to Russian poet Oleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin. The monument to Pushkin is located in the historic center of Chernigov - on the valley, near .. Read more »

Никита Стариков

An excellent monument, however, there is nothing nearby to sit down.

Yaroslav Zhydenko

There are many pigeons nearby, you can feed and make cool photos ..

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