Old Town Hall

Munich, Germany
4 / 5
A much more modest and ancient structure than the New Town Hall. The first mention of it dates back to the fourteenth century, but it is believed that it was erected in the XV century. The predominant construction style is Gothic, with the addition of later Renaissance architectural elements. The Toy Town Museum is now located in the Old Town Hall. As a result of the bombing of World War II, the building was damaged and a new spire had to be installed on the main tower.
Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall
Address:Marienplatz 15, München
Phone:+49 89 294001
Hours:monday: 10:00–17:30 tuesday: 10:00–17:30 wednesday: 10:00–17:30 thursday: 10:00–17:30 friday: 10:00–17:30 saturday: 10:00–17:30 sunday: 10:00–17:30


Interesting collection of old toys. Though I think children would get bored as they actually can’t play with them. Access is via a series of steps upon which you can then access the lift to the very top,


Pretty building that houses a sweet toy museum. Not very big but crammed with cool toys from the Victorian era and earlier, up to the mid 50s/60s. Lots of signage in English, which was very welcome and some cool displays if bears and dolls and wooden.. Read more »


Maybe internet age does make difference, it feels nostalgia here. The display could be a lot more interesting if they are interactive.


In general, it is a sightly building with simple old architecture. If it would stand somewhere far from the center, I would not advise to go somewhere specifically for its sake. But since it stands in the very center next to the new town hall, you mu.. Read more »


We visited DLP in March 2019. Such a memorable experience! This was our first time at DLP and also a first time at Disney for my one year old, 11 and 14 year old. If you've visited Disney World, then you already have an idea of what to expect in term.. Read more »


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