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O'Hare International Airport

Chicago, USA
4 / 11
O'Hare International Airport
Address:10000 West O'Hare Avenue, Chicago
Phone:+1 800-832-6352

Ravi J (Ravi)

One of finest airports i have ever seen. This was a memorable experience i had here. I could not see much of Airports where historical information eve.. Read more »

Andrew G

Huge airport. Flight connected right away so didn't get to spend much time. Although I have passed thorough before. I would like to see more plant-bas.. Read more »

Perks Advisor

Sometimes it is amazing how they keep the traffic moving on a cold, snowy day at O’Hare in part the answer is a caravan of snow plows. The airport is.. Read more »

Levi G

No airport like O’Hare especially during Christmas! Still kind of crazy tho seeing some of the other major airports in America, Charlotte, Detroit, At.. Read more »

Joseph Lau

Arrived with plenty of time to spare, but was pleasantly surprised with easy access to the airline check-in booths. Security was quick and efficient, .. Read more »

Juanita Hernandez

Nice airport! It's nice to see how each airport has a different layout. This airport is really big but seems more "peaceful" than others? Lol. It .. Read more »

Setiva Shahzad

My 1st time ever out of the west coast. People in Chicago are AWESOME! O'Hare wasn't so hard to navigate until I realized that the concourses below .. Read more »

Amber Pettaway

Recently due to covid-19, the airport is less crowded. I have seen very few sanitizer station compared to other airports. I was able to check my bag a.. Read more »

Brian Christoffersen

Chicago's biggest airport is a nice one, but boy is it busy. Even during covid, it's quite crazy. However, there seems to be a good amount of effort i.. Read more »

John Young

Very few restaurants or shops open for food or drink.

Beth Niedoborski

Clean Spaced out for COVID Quick security checks

Ryan Sketch

O'Hare has come a long way since the first time I had a flight to/from this airport. Its gotten cleaner, offers more stores with a focus on represent.. Read more »

Jim Gerry

Not many people there now that we are in Covid times.

robin raj

Every year this is one of the top 3 airport of the world and there are many reasons to it. It is well connected to the city, area of the airport is ve.. Read more »

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