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Odessa Archaeological Museum

Odessa, Ukraine
4.6 / 7
Odessa Archaeological Museum
Address:вулиця Ланжеронівська, 4, Одеса
Phone:+380 48 725 6322
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: Closed wednesday: Closed thursday: Closed friday: 10:00–17:00 saturday: 10:00–17:00 sunday: 10:00–17:00

Yana Dyachuk

The Odessa Archaeological Museum is one of the oldest archaeological museums in Ukraine and it was founded in 1825.

S. Dincer

it's worth to be seen. ?

ole schmidtke

The exterior is much more interesting than the interior. Most artifacts Are on the small side. Taking photos cost more than the entrance fee

Jean Michel Dèche

Interesting discovery of the different settlements in the region from the prehistory till around 1000 years AD. Plus wonderful sarcophagus from Egypt.

Martin Vasko

Rich collection of presented objects. I would recommend it also for the families.

Beāte Šmagre

My expectations wasn't high going there, but I was very pleased with expositions! You can see some sarcophagus from Egipt, sculptures and poterry from.. Read more »

Grant Ceffalo

Small, but very good. The museum has a decent collection of it's own, and some nice materials on loan from other museums. It was worth the time and mo.. Read more »

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