Nymphenburg Palace

Munich, Germany
5 / 5
The palace complex, which was laid in the second half of the seventeenth century. It was used as the residence of the ancient Bavarian Wittelsbach dynasty. The park surrounding the palace buildings is spread over an area of 200 ha. The beauty and beauty of the interior of Nymphenburg can be compared to the legendary "fabulous" castle of Neuschweinstein. In the part of the palace, which is closed to tourists, the descendants of Wittelsbach still live.
Nymphenburg Palace
Nymphenburg Palace
Address:Schloß Nymphenburg 1, München
Phone:+49 89 179080


Very cool place to visit on your trip to Munich. Fairly accessible by public transport (albeit a slight walk) and the gardens are beautiful. There is also a botanical garden that has an entry fee if you are interested. Plenty of benches along the par.. Read more »


This palace is huge! It is definitely worth visiting. The garden is open for everyone, and you should definitely go for a walk there. The ticket for the palace itself is 6 Euro, and inside you can walk through 20 different rooms. You will have to pur.. Read more »


Honestly so pretty! The museum is great and the park is nice for having a long walk. Had many benches so we could rest our legs. Would definitely recommend. I am gonna go again when I have the opportunity!


Amazing place! Clean and well maintained, lots of green in the eyes and great atmosphere.. We planned to get inside and pay but the whole park was so rich that we decided that there is no need! Very recommend for nature and open-spaces lovers..


Such an absolutely stunning place to visit. I actually enjoyed Nymphenburg more than I enjoyed touring the Residenz. Lots and lots to see including plenty of green space to enjoy nature. There is also a little cafe if you need some refreshments. You.. Read more »


Nymphenburg Palace is a magnificent Baroque residence in Munich built to celebrate the long awaited birth of an heir. Huge sprawling castle grounds. I was in awe! The grandeur, such opulence of the frescoes and furnishings. Nymphenburg was impressi.. Read more »


This place is beautiful. The palace itself has plenty to see and just experience. Magnificent interiors and exteriors. The entrance itself is pretty grand. A possibly overlooked part of this experience are the immense gardens and garden houses (s.. Read more »


I would say it is a must visit if you are in Munich. However, April to October is probably a better time to visit as at least four of the attractions were closed during this time of the year. The museum has a great collection of carriages and sleigh .. Read more »


A wonderful place. The swans in the lakes are magnificent. Very friendly, every time someone come near them with a camera they start posing so you can have the most amazing shot. On the weekends is people busy. The order side of the castle is big par.. Read more »


A lovely palace with an even more lovely garden. The canal passes right through it and you can see the swans having a good time. It takes roughly half an hour to walk leisurely in and around the palace. Mind you, entry to the palace is restricted to .. Read more »


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