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Nymphenburg Palace

Munich, Germany
4.7 / 9
The palace complex, which was laid in the second half of the seventeenth century. It was used as the residence of the ancient Bavarian Wittelsbach dynasty. The park surrounding the palace buildings is spread over an area of 200 ha. The beauty and beauty of the interior of Nymphenburg can be compared to the legendary "fabulous" castle of Neuschweinstein. In the part of the palace, which is closed to tourists, the descendants of Wittelsbach still live.
Nymphenburg Palace
Nymphenburg Palace
Address:Schloß Nymphenburg 1, München
Phone:+49 89 179080

Matt Perrone

Nymphenburg Palace is a large compound that has a huge amount of land with many gardens and places to enjoy the outdoors. It has some cool history beh.. Read more »

Frenkli Meka

Relaxing walk by the river. Really quiet even though a little bit crowded sometimes. Great for kids who love exploring. The lake is just amazing!

Anita Villa

The park is absolutely amazing in this period of the year. I sincerely felt in love with those colors. The Palace is impressive but due the price-qual.. Read more »

Nasar Alam

Really beautiful place. There are Swans, Ducks and Deer in park. The place is a delightful sight itself. There are fountains which makes the place loo.. Read more »


Massive area to walk through and explore. Great front gardens with very well maintained flower clusters! The palace and its premises are quite vast an.. Read more »

Hello World

Impressive and a lot to see.. well kept arts and antiques. You can use whole day to make tones of video and photos. P.S. the garden cafe at the back .. Read more »


Very beautiful, although I found the museum of those horses stuff kinda boring, but still very pretty

Silviu Vlăsceanu

The gardens are amazing, a smaller Versailles. Don't stay on the central areas only, explore the side alleys, lakes and small castles. You might even .. Read more »

Sophia Phuong Truong

It’s a beautiful palace with magnificent architect of Bavarian history. This palace was residence of Baroque in early late 17th century. Ceilings are .. Read more »

Ramya Gajula

the palace is decent, not as great as the palaces in Vienna. However the views of the gardens, the lakes and the ducks are breathtaking.

Pradeep Pathak

This is a very beautiful palace in Munich city. It has very good connectivity via public transport. The parks and the canal in front present very beau.. Read more »

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