Canal Nyhavn

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.9 / 9
Nyhavn or translated “New Harbor” - a city canal with a length of just over 1 km. It was dug at the end of the 17th century under King Christian V. The area that grew up around the canal was chosen by sailors and adventurers. Until 1980, it was a turbulent place. The local district of the Red Light District was located here, and it was better for a respectable citizen with a tight wallet to stay away from Nyhavn. After restoration, the area has become a popular tourist attraction.
Canal Nyhavn
Address:København K


Really beautiful place. So many amazing restaurants. A must visit


One of the most famous Tourist area where you can see the Copenhagen city by canal tour


Beatifull streets along canal


Beautiful. Must-see in Copenhagen!


A must-see spot in Copenhagen. It's a little touristy but you can see why - it's beautifully picturesque and looks exactly like all the photos. There are various spots along the canal to get a good pic and plenty of bars and cafes to pop into for a d.. Read more »


Worth to see ! Especially at night.


Wonderful place to visit while in Copenhagen. Highly recommended!


Completely speechless...so beautiful ?


Milling crowds in one of the most legendary canals in Skandinavia.. Smell and taste of Baltic sea. Many restaurants in row houses go back to 17-18 centuries. Cozy and interesting... /and expensive enough./


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