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Novodevichy Convent

Moscow, Russia
4.7 / 12
The oldest convent in the capital. According to legend, it stands on the spot where, during the reign of the Golden Horde, girls were selected for sending into slavery. The monastery was founded in 1524 by Vasily III. Subsequently, tonsure in the monastery was taken by many royal people, as well as girls from princely and boyar families. Many did not come here of their own free will. In architectural terms, the monastery is a real fortress with powerful walls.
Novodevichy Convent
Address:Новодевичий проезд, 1, Москва
Phone:+7 499 246-85-26
Hours:monday: 07:00–19:00 tuesday: 07:00–19:00 wednesday: 07:00–19:00 thursday: 07:00–19:00 friday: 07:00–19:00 saturday: 07:00–19:00 sunday: 07:00–19:00

Mikhail Rybin

Great place to walk around, and assess and soak Soviet/Russian history through the graves. Many military, scientific, performing arts, and people of.. Read more »

Radik Gash

The best graveyard i ever seen. It is like a park to hang out

Karen Hulse

Beautiful - would be a 5 if the renovations had finished, still a lot of building work going on! Still full of trees and spring flowers and peace! .. Read more »

Fotini Zgeba

Really interesting place to visit. We loved it! At winters is most of it closed for renovations but at summer is lovely to walk around the historic bu.. Read more »

Isak Magnusson

vladimir = good

Oleg Naumov

Novodevichy (New Maiden's) Convent. It was founded in 1524 by Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily III (1479-1533) in typically Italian style. Convent was buil.. Read more »

Georgy Spassky

Awesome place, very interesting cemetery

Dmitry KOTOV

Quite old place with a spirit of history.

Hugh Gilroy

looks pretty nice if I don't say so myself

Sophie G.

A disappointment, most of the building were closed and they were doing works so it was full of soil. Hope the works will finish soon. It's also muuuuu.. Read more »

Gaute Sletten

Peaceful and beautiful convent in the heart of Moscow, yet it feels like a different place.

Uğur Güven

Wonderful charming cemetery. Like a open air museum. You should definetly go there

Terence Franks

Most interesting historical structure in Moscow - many famous Russian personages buried there.

Lyudmila Filatova

Historical place. It was built in 15th century by the order of the year Vasilij the 3rd.


As of August 2019 renovations are taking place so lots of construction equipment and random holes in the ground. My photos were taken just outside the.. Read more »

Kamil Erker

Interesting graveyard for those who wish to see the tombs of some historically famous Russian achievers. Famous Russian president Boris Yeltsin lies .. Read more »

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