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New Synagogue

Berlin, Germany
4.2 / 10
Jewish temple of the middle of the XIX century. Surprisingly, the Wehrmacht authorities did not destroy him, but simply closed in 1940, adapted the premises for a warehouse. The synagogue also survived during the bombing, although it was significantly damaged. After the war, they decided not to rebuild the temple, since almost all Jews - potential parishioners were killed under Hitler. The building was demolished in 1958, only the facade remained of it. After the unification of Germany, the synagogue was restored.
New Synagogue
Address:Oranienburger Str. 28-30, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 88028300
Hours:monday: 10:00–18:00 tuesday: 10:00–18:00 wednesday: 10:00–18:00 thursday: 10:00–18:00 friday: 10:00–15:00 saturday: Closed sunday: 10:00–18:00

Torsten Mertens

From the outside it looks great, its a pity there is an entrance to pay and not a voluntary donation

Daniel Goertz

If you're interested in Berlin's history, you have to see this place as well. Because the Judish history also a German history. The building is beauti.. Read more »

Adam Tabachnikoff

Beautiful. Powerful. History. New beginnings.

Ivan Bok

Sad place of the sad history. But worth to see.

Noam L

Very nice museum from the late 18th century. Happy to visit and happy it was not destroyed. I also felt very safe.

Olive Tree

Looks nice from the outside and it is the most beautiful building in Berlin and the Coziest building in the whole city.At night its lights up like a g.. Read more »

דותן אר-

An amazing sight to behold. The synagogue is beautiful from the outside, well at least what's left of it and the museum and art collection inside of i.. Read more »

Gilberto Güiza

The facade of the site is spectacular, the interior is a good museum that explains the history and life of the community and the place. It is somewhat.. Read more »

G L Littleton

Prior to entering you are required to complete a security check. Then you proceed to ticket sales. No Photos allowed. This is always a red flag for me.. Read more »

Pedro Aguilar

Beautiful place! Synagogue and museum at the same time. I liked that I could see the damaged made during WW2. It made me think of how much this place .. Read more »

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