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New Customs

Dusseldorf, Germany
4.8 / 4
A complex of buildings erected on the site of the former customs within Düsseldorf harbor. New Customs is a modern building in 1998 in the style of deconstructivism, invented by F. Gehry - the author of the famous "Dancing House" in Prague. The complex consists of three parts of white, mirror and red colors. Each part is a separate asymmetric complex with curved lines.
New Customs
Address:Neuer Zollhof 2-6, Düsseldorf

Romeo Rum

These buildings reminded me of the Dancing House in Prague. The creators wanted to attract attention and they did it - very extraordinary. Bravo! And .. Read more »

M.K. Choe

Frank Gehry's works in Düsseldorf. Neuersolhof is an apartment complex built by redeveloping the port. It consists of three buildings, each with a dif.. Read more »

greme-de p. gremmelspache

Frank Gerry's architecture - extraordinary and interesting. As a residential development at this location, however, anything but quiet: D


This is where you can see the architecture of world-renowned architect Frank Gary. There are three buildings, but the appearance itself is different, .. Read more »

Eddy Depetter

Wonderful buildings. Great piece of architecture!

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