Neptune's Fountain

Gdansk, Poland
4.8 / 5
The fountain is located on Dlugi Targ Square (translated from Polish, this name means “long market”). The sculptural composition is considered a symbol of Gdansk. She personifies the inextricable connection of the city with the sea. The fountain in the Flemish style was created by sculptor A. van der Blok in the XVII century. Later, decorative elements were added to the sculpture - a figured lattice and a bas-relief in the Rococo style, depicting sea monsters.
Neptune's Fountain
Address:Długi Targ, Gdańsk
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Gdansk is so beautiful I could not recommend it highly enough. You could sit all day and just look at the buildings and the world pass you by. It's so reasonably priced too. I had two of the nicest meals I've ever eaten in Gdansk and these were both .. Read more »


It is in a very beautiful town. I like all the old buildings. And the fountain is amazing.


It's a beautiful statue and the symbol of the city. Easy to find- right in the middle of Old Town main street, and surrounded by cafes and pubs.


Neptune's Fountain. (17th century). Gdańsk, Poland. 2019 Beautiful fountain in a beautiful square. obviously there is a lot to do around here.


Great statue. One of the many must see sights in this wonderful city


Lovely against the sunlight. Beautiful sculptures around it. Fenced off with ornate ironwork.


Brilliant fountain. Very Nice. Couldn't find better in Gdańsk. Definitely I'll take photo of it next time. Great Poseidon.


Behind this wonderful Christmas tree I found a beautiful statue which is the symbol of the city. It is located in a very nice pedestrian street full of restaurants and cafes.


Lovely, cozy and beautiful place in the heart of old city. Very nice view in the evening, when illumination is switched on.


On Long Market, a few steps from the Artus Court is an enduring symbol for Gdańsk. Neptune’s Fountain is a Mannerist monument cast in bronze in the city in 1615, but wouldn’t be installed for another 18 years. The sculptor was Abraham van den Block.. Read more »


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