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National Pantheon

Lisbon, Portugal
4.6 / 27
The majestic and monumental building of pink marble in the style of Portuguese Baroque, which has a second name - the National Pantheon of Portugal. The church began to be erected in the 17th century, and finished only in the 20th. The role of the pantheon went to the temple under the dictator A. Salazar. Political figures, famous writers and other cultural representatives are buried in the church.
Address:Campo de Santa Clara, Lisboa
Phone:+351 21 885 4820
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: 10:00–17:00 wednesday: 10:00–17:00 thursday: 10:00–17:00 friday: 10:00–17:00 saturday: 10:00–17:00 sunday: 10:00–17:00

It take s a little effort to reach the National Pantheon on the beautiful Lisbon cobblestone streets. Once inside (paid entrance) you have access to t.. Read more »
It’s only $5 to visit but it’s a fairly quick tour, TONS of stairs to climb to get to a great view of Lisbon up on the rooftop. Not for the faint of h.. Read more »
Be prepared to walk to the top, it's a few hundred steps but provides fantastic views of Lisbon. There is some information throughout on the people bu.. Read more »
A must place to visit. A place where you have a great panoramic view of the city and its harbour part. The building itself is beauty aswell, and with .. Read more »
Church of Santa Engrácia feels, and looks like a poor second cousin to the Dome of Les Invalides in Paris, on which it was clearly modeled. It holds t.. Read more »
Very nice place. As all the other sightseeing the Pantheon is also at the seaside. The entrance costs around 6 Euro. Inside they have public toilet a.. Read more »
Really impressive building and very reasonably priced to visit. The view point is lovely, can see a lot of the city and gets a great breeze when it is.. Read more »
Beautiful and great service. Met and talked to one of the guards and he was very knowledgeable and intelligent. Very nice human being. Excellent impre.. Read more »
To quote the Great Michael Scott: "I love it". This place has a special energy to it. My two wives love it !
I'm surprised this didn't show up on more itineraries for Lisbon. The National Pantheon has a gorgeous interior to walk through. On the top, there is .. Read more »
Stunning monument to the great and good of Portugal. Amazing view across Lisbon from the terrace (albeit very windy). Temporary exhibition on the rela.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful view of the city! Worth a visit! Don’t miss it! And go all the way up!
Very nice place, beautiful and cheap monument where you can have an amazing view of the city. I highly recommend going at 4 o clock because of the sky.. Read more »
Impressive views from the top of the dome well worth the climb up. You won't be disappointed! Also includes the resting place of many notable Portugue.. Read more »
A beautiful piece of art and history. The rooftop gives you one of the best view over Lisbon.
Stunningly beautiful building out of marble and a pure joy to behold with all the intricate exhibitions, on the floors upwards there are different the.. Read more »
It's just stunning and beautiful. Not sure where the pic is taken from that you can see water beyond it... I think that is misleading. But it doesn't .. Read more »
Cannot comment about the interior because we were not allowed to go in despite it being open. A bit of a disappointment if you ask me, especially afte.. Read more »
Stunning views from the terrace, only €4 entry, very reasonable.
Highly recommended! Beautiful place to see, with great views of the city. It was definitely worth the visit!
Excellent place to visit when in Lisbon, cheap and you get to learn about the life of some of the most important historical portuguese figures!
Great full place, massive, some stories written inside, Nice point of vew at the top, 4e by person, not regret
Beautiful place Pantheon is a magnificent place you will find the sebedoria culture of those who will visit it is a point of culture
Today closed! ? It would be great if google has told me..
Very nice visit in Lisbon. Interesting, beautiful arquitecture and views from the terrace.
Loved the architecture. If it were still a church I would have taken the time to enter as I have spent time sitting on the steps. I heard a couple of .. Read more »
Fantastic view. Really well preserved monument. Staff super nice and helpful. Recommend visit
Beautiful impressive building, we walked it. was quiet a long walk with lots of hills. you can take a taxi ofcourse. and to visit inside make sure you.. Read more »
One of the best view of Lisbon and the place where are buried great figures of Portuguese history
Not for my enjoyment but it is a beautiful construction!
even better than the photos. Also the neighborhood is one of the best near alfama!
Climb up the stairs and have a walk around outside. It's nice and spacious. We were here on a Tuesday afternoon and there was hardly anybody here.
Great view of the estuary from the roof. Gigantic church dedicated to heros of the country. The structure itself is worth a visit.
Impressive Even it used to be a church, it's now a Pantheon in which important Portuguese personalities are buried. The architechture is just impressi.. Read more »
The National Pantheon building is a site worth seeing in and of itself (tickets = 4 Euro apiece). The terrace atop the building has nice views of part.. Read more »
A must place to visit if you are in Lisbon. Beautiful from inside and outside. There is amazing terrace at the top of the pantheon which overlooks the.. Read more »
The building is very well preserved and the stone colours on the floor and the walls look wonderful on a sunny day. A big plus is that one can go up t.. Read more »
I think that this place is one of my favorite buildings I've been in while touring Lisbon. It's meticulous and really open. There's not a lot of furni.. Read more »