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National Museum of History

Sofia, Bulgaria
4.5 / 11
National Museum of History
Address:улица „Витошко лале“ 16, София
Phone:+359 2 955 4280
Hours:monday: 09:30–18:00 tuesday: 09:30–18:00 wednesday: 09:30–18:00 thursday: 09:30–18:00 friday: 09:30–18:00 saturday: 09:30–18:00 sunday: 09:30–18:00

Domina Mia Wallace

Great stuff there but the building is in terrible condition I literally saw the ghost of Todor Jivkov while I was there. The artefacts are amazing but.. Read more »

Златина Янева-Скофам

Really well sorted place. It has a restaurant on the back so pretty much after exploring you can go to take something to go. The museum itself is full.. Read more »

Lil Garki

Remarkable artefacts part of the Bulgarian history. Absolutely beautiful golden treasure collection!!!! Nice view to the city Definitely recommending .. Read more »

Dimitar Giorgiev

Miss this place a lot. Very good museum.

Catherine Filippova

Really informative, but not well organized. At the beginning not much description and at the last floor a lot of description and not much of the items.. Read more »

Fredrik Hjelmare

Very nice exhibition presenting Bulgaria and its history all the way from 6000 years BC to modern times.

Kiril Stoyanoff

The building itself is interesting as it used to be the primary residence of the dictator and last Bulgarian communist leader Todor Zhivkov. At my thi.. Read more »

Todor Andonov

A must for tourists and locals. I forgot we were in Sofia. The place is amazing and full of stories to tell. There is also a little coffee area with a.. Read more »

Eli Petrova

I have visited so many times but it still amazes me how grand the building is.. beautiful exhibits are divided in rooms according to their time period.. Read more »

Evita Anna Boičeva

Tickets are pretty expensive 10 levas for one person and we was able to see only 1.5 floor with poor collection of guns and tons of church items. Mayb.. Read more »

Will Watts

Nice little museum. It's not huge, but it's an interesting tour or Bulgarian history in an old communist building. It's in a nice area as well, with s.. Read more »

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