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National Mall

Washington, USA
4.9 / 39
A street that runs from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building. Along the National Mall, Washington's major memorials, historic city museums, the Botanical Gardens, and the Smithsonian Institution are concentrated. Here was made one of the most famous speeches in US history - “I have a dream” M.L. Kinga, where the black rights activist expressed his vision of the equal rights of black and white people.

Wonderful open area to stroll in our nation's Capitol. The outdoor space is beautifully lined with shady areas with an abundance of open space as well.. Read more »
National mall is one of the most interesting and enjoyable places to visit in DC and, actually, in the entire country. Museums second to none, great m.. Read more »
It's a beautiful place with numerous monuments and museums based on the History of America. Very interesting and informative. Can easily spend a day.. Read more »
It's a beautiful place dotted with numerous monuments and museums throwing light on the History of America. Very interesting and informative. Can ea.. Read more »
The openness of this space is breathtaking. The architecture around is gorgeous. It is a big space, so requires a lot of walking. The food selection i.. Read more »
It is simply amazing to be in one spot where you can take a Sunday stroll around a beautiful lake and blooming orchard of trees while seeing some of t.. Read more »
Great family-friendly place! My students enjoyed themselves. The displays were educational. I loved the section with the evolution of men and the inte.. Read more »
Must see place during Washington trip. This place has tons of monuments, museums and memorials around. All have free access. Just wear a pair of comfo.. Read more »
Most scenic at night. On one end you have the Washington Monument and on the other you have the Lincoln memorial. In between is the National mall. Th.. Read more »
Amazing place to spent the day and learn about American history. There a lot places to see in this one area. All the museum with collection of America.. Read more »
What an incredible place with so many memorials and monuments. The architecture is powerful but elegant. Memorials are laid out to honor those who hav.. Read more »
Such great joy to be in a fantastical place of history. Not as crazy as I anticipated (went end of August 2021) *heads up restrooms get packed and lo.. Read more »
I immediately felt better as soon as I walked into the Smithsonian. I got there late as they were about to close. However, there was a very nice secu.. Read more »
Have to see in person to appreciate the scale of these monuments. Had a hotel nearby, so my daughter and I walked through downtown DC(most building ar.. Read more »
Checked off my bucket list! Beautiful museums, grounds are kept up. Loved seeing all the history of the United States. I would definitely try to stay .. Read more »
It was lovely I enjoyed visiting the national Mall with my girlfriend. There are lots of fun places to explore near the area. Parking was a bit of a d.. Read more »
It’s the national mall, the best way to describe it is by telling you to go see it. This place is large and you should plan to spend a full day walkin.. Read more »
An awesome experience overall. If I had more time, I definitely would have visited more sites. The SS gives you peace of mind. For such a famous site,.. Read more »
I absolutely loved my visit here with family. We always came here when they had government work to come for. I really like traveling here often. Work .. Read more »
The most beautiful area in Washington DC!! We really enjoyed our long walk. All the monuments are wonderful. So many things to reflect at. It is impre.. Read more »
Prepare yourself for a lot of walking, but all the monuments are beautiful. Wonderful memorials, very clean. People are very helpful and friendly arou.. Read more »
Really cool and scenic. Great and relaxed place to look around. It's definitely best to use the rent-able bikes or scooters to get around. The scooter.. Read more »
I had such a great time its amazing that the city is around these beautiful places like Central Park of the capital. Take a scooter so you can see all.. Read more »
The National Mall is America’s most-visited national park. It’s a unique American experience. The Washington Monument reopened to the public on Sept. .. Read more »
A national treasure for walking or biking. The mall has so much to offer and some great views. You can see a number of the key monuments including a.. Read more »
When you notice more cops around than usual and then the street start to close down. Get ready for something big to happen. Glad I enjoyed a relaxing .. Read more »
Had only a couple days, and the main monuments at the National Mall were high on the list. The memorials to those who fought and died in Vietnam, Kore.. Read more »
Stunningly beautiful place, and some of our country's most remarkable landmarks. Everyone should take a trip and visit. If you have kids take them it'.. Read more »
Wonderful for massive, peaceful gatherings. Nice green grounds to just relax with the family and pets. Nice place for concerts. Exciting to behold a l.. Read more »
One of my favourite places to go to. Historical place and nice to hangout with the family. Very clean place and secure. Most visitors fallow social .. Read more »
We stopped in town for a wedding and took some time to do some quick sightseeing at the mall. Everything is very well maintained and we appreciated se.. Read more »
I love the Mall. There's always something going on and it's good to see the food trucks out there. Only thing I'd change is I'd like to see some place.. Read more »
The National Mall is a great unification location. It represents the best place for all people. It represents life and liberty. My first march was the.. Read more »
Can't beat it! This is the place if you want classic Americana in the Capitol. The National Mall is a great place for a walk this time of year. In spi.. Read more »
It was a very pleasant sunny day! The whole area is beautifully landscaped and clean. A good place to enjoy walking around and see all the buildings a.. Read more »
United for ONE nation----USA
We had a nice day for a walk around the National Mall. Met friends for a picnic lunch.
My first time in the nation’s Capitol. I was blown away by all the beautiful monuments!
It was great to visit during this time. There were no crowds, everyone was social distancing. I was able to get up close to the Lincoln memorial and t.. Read more »