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National Mall

Washington, USA
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A street that runs from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building. Along the National Mall, Washington's major memorials, historic city museums, the Botanical Gardens, and the Smithsonian Institution are concentrated. Here was made one of the most famous speeches in US history - “I have a dream” M.L. Kinga, where the black rights activist expressed his vision of the equal rights of black and white people.
National Mall

AVA Traveler

The National Mall is America’s most-visited national park. It’s a unique American experience. The Washington Monument reopened to the public on Sept. .. Read more »

Travis R

When you notice more cops around than usual and then the street start to close down. Get ready for something big to happen. Glad I enjoyed a relaxing .. Read more »

Karen Martin

Had only a couple days, and the main monuments at the National Mall were high on the list. The memorials to those who fought and died in Vietnam, Kore.. Read more »

Ivy Ramos

Stunningly beautiful place, and some of our country's most remarkable landmarks. Everyone should take a trip and visit. If you have kids take them it'.. Read more »


Wonderful for massive, peaceful gatherings. Nice green grounds to just relax with the family and pets. Nice place for concerts. Exciting to behold a l.. Read more »

Joe Cajigal

One of my favourite places to go to. Historical place and nice to hangout with the family. Very clean place and secure. Most visitors fallow social .. Read more »

Drew Smith

We stopped in town for a wedding and took some time to do some quick sightseeing at the mall. Everything is very well maintained and we appreciated se.. Read more »

Amanda Skapnit

I love the Mall. There's always something going on and it's good to see the food trucks out there. Only thing I'd change is I'd like to see some place.. Read more »

Florence Claggett

The National Mall is a great unification location. It represents the best place for all people. It represents life and liberty. My first march was the.. Read more »

Dan Urban

Can't beat it! This is the place if you want classic Americana in the Capitol. The National Mall is a great place for a walk this time of year. In spi.. Read more »

Cynthia Roberson

It was a very pleasant sunny day! The whole area is beautifully landscaped and clean. A good place to enjoy walking around and see all the buildings a.. Read more »

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