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National Archaeological Museum

Athens, Greece
4.4 / 17
The museum is the most extensive collection of objects of ancient Greek culture. The archaeological collection was founded at the beginning of the XIX century, in 1889 a separate building in the neoclassical style was not erected for it. The museum exposition is divided into several collections, which include collections of the prehistoric period, Cycladic art, Mycenaean art, Egyptian art and many others.
National Archaeological Museum
Address:28is Oktovriou 44, Athina
Phone:+30 21 3214 4800

Elektra Burnett

So much Hellenic culture! Lots and lots of pots lol but they’re all beautiful! Two skeletons, REAL ones! My favorite part is the Mycenaean section upo.. Read more »

David Fitzsimons

Put aside three hours on any trip to Athens and include 30 minutes for lunch in the court yard. This collection is as good as it gets. The antikythera.. Read more »

Bistra Kunovska

The building of the museum was built in the period 1866-1889, as the west wing was erected in 1874, the north - 1881, and the south - 1885. Eleni Tosi.. Read more »

Nikolaos Desypris

Probably the only world class archaeological museum, where the exact locations of most exhibits are known and recorded. You need a full day just to se.. Read more »

Rajib Hasan

Nice place with magnificent place. Must visit n worthy, place to visit. In front of it there is a small ground to be relax but not that much clean. Th.. Read more »

Carlos Miller

Greece is full of history and the National Archeological Museum helps reveal this even further. There are countless artifacts and statues available t.. Read more »


Beautiful collection of cars in spectacular condition! Makes you realize how we miss good design these days. The lighting is very flattering and the u.. Read more »

William Young

Still open and safely modified to a 1-way system for covid-19. Great collection for stuff but can get a little repetitive after a while. Free for EU/U.. Read more »

Eileen Weed

Mostly sculptures, and many very old ones from thousands of years ago. I found the tombstones especially touching, showing the dead person reaching fo.. Read more »

Machiel Visser

A bit too much of the same thing (statues and vases). Would be nice if the exhibition had more interactive background information on these objects.

Ian Gerokostas

Beautiful ❤️ all the collection of Greek ancient history. So big museum

Ondřej Ezr

Awesome exposition, although, I'm quite biased as I love ancient Greek history :)

Ankitt Patel

As the oldest museum institution in Ukraine, the roots of this attraction can be followed back to 1825. There are up to 170,000 exhibits at the museum.. Read more »

Nour Saadi

They make me through my Cafe before they answered me about the intense . I didn't get inside because i didn't have 12€ so no museum and no cafe .

Javier Montero

Kind of expensive (12€/pax) and not student discount (just under 25 discount). The museum is extensive and interesting, and covers the vast majority o.. Read more »

Aristotle Dimou

A must see .. a place to visit in Athens. Highly recommend if you want to see the best place in the world for the best collection of greek ancient exa.. Read more »

Andrej T

Some really exciting pieces of history. Especially the objects of everyday life of the people who lived during the ages before christ were pretty inte.. Read more »

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