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Mykolaiv Observatory

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
4.4 / 5
Mykolaiv Observatory
Address:вул. Обсерваторна, 1, Миколаїв
Phone:+380 512 477 014
Hours:monday: 08:30–13:00, 13:30–17:00 tuesday: 08:30–13:00, 13:30–17:00 wednesday: 08:30–13:00, 13:30–17:00 thursday: 08:30–13:00, 13:30–17:00 friday: 08:30–13:00, 13:30–17:00 saturday: Closed sunday: Closed

Ilona Badenko

In all lists "what to do in Nikolaev" the observatory is at the beginning of the list. Came here in the afternoon (by the way, Google maps are a littl.. Read more »

Анна Бурій

The whole family went on an evening tour. It was quite interesting, especially when they started looking into the telescope. I liked Luna. She was so .. Read more »


Very beautiful, full of history place. Friendly staff conduct interesting and informative tours (as for an adult, this is exactly what the doctor pres.. Read more »

Ankitt Patel

One of the first observatories in Eastern Europe, and the first in Ukraine, this facility was created in 1821 for the Black Sea Fleet to aid orientati.. Read more »

сергей голик

For such ridiculous money, the time is not wasted. Moon bomb! The rest will do too.

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