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Factory Museum

Lodz, Poland
2.8 / 6
Factory Museum
Address:Manufaktura, Drewnowska 58, Łódź
Phone:+48 42 664 92 93
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: 09:00–17:00 wednesday: 09:00–17:00 thursday: 09:00–17:00 friday: 09:00–17:00 saturday: 11:00–17:00 sunday: 11:00–17:00

Marie Filonenko

Nothing really interesting, not worth 10 PLN and your time. Very little information, mostly statistics and raw facts. Better to check walking tours o.. Read more »

Piotr Lantecki

Small exhibition showing history of 'Mqnufactura' place.

Santosh Patnaik

Not much machinary, ticket price is more not worth

Jakub Specjalski

It's really small and way too expensive for 20 min entertainment.

Zuzanna Oleksińska

Not great, not terrible. Small museum with weaving machine presentation every 30 minutes.

Tracy Lin

Very small one. The factory is about a great Jewish business man. There are old equipments inside. It took me half an hour to go around.

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