Muzeum Czartoryskich

Krakow, Poland
3.1 / 10
The museum was launched in 1796 at the initiative of Princess Isabella Chartoryskaya. In 1801, as a result of the November uprising, the exposition was looted, and the surviving remains were taken to France. In 1970, the collection returned to Poland. The most valuable exhibit of the museum is the painting by Leonardo da Vinci “The Lady with the Ermine” - the only creation of the master, which is located in Poland.
Muzeum Czartoryskich
Muzeum Czartoryskich
Muzeum Czartoryskich
Muzeum Czartoryskich
Address:św. Jana 19, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 370 54 60
Hours:monday: 10:00–15:30 tuesday: 10:00–15:30 wednesday: 10:00–15:30 thursday: 10:00–15:30 friday: 10:00–15:30 saturday: 10:00–15:30 sunday: 10:00–15:30


Went there but it was closed due to renovation (which Google Maps is not updated). Followed the guide of poster to Muzeum Narodowe, Al. 3 Maja 1 and saw Lady with an Ermine.


The museum was closed due to renovation. Verry bad signalized, barelly could find it .


Still closed. Tour guide says it was supposed to be opened many times in the past, but in the end it never happens,so no ETA on when it might open in the future.


The museum was undergoing work. The Da Vinci was relocated to the National Museum a short walk (about 10mins) away.


Under construction, Da Vinci moved to the national museum which is 20min walk away.


Diverse, abundant, world-class collection. 2 top masterpieces are definitely DaVinci and Rembrandt. Both exposed with due honours.


We booked places for Sunday thinking it was just an open day, and we could get in and out fairly quickly. We only really wanted to see the Davinci painting of the lady with the ermine. As it turned out, the museum actually offered a Polish speaking g.. Read more »


Homage to the golden age of Polish royalty. Lady with Ermine is just the anchor work in the last room. Fine collection of Norblin etchings is actually the most notable part of the museum.


You can't complain when it's as cheap as it is. Very organised, clean, very intresting exposition. Would recommend.


Opened its doors in December again after long renovations,Dame with Ermine is back home. And-what a place! Tickets booked weeks ahead,but it is worth sneaking in and just seeing the glass roof courtyard or having a cup of tea in cafe.


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