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Musikverein Wien

Vienna, Austria
4.5 / 11
Musikverein Wien
Musikverein Wien
Address:Musikvereinsplatz 1, Wien
Phone:+43 1 5058190

Alexa F

Sublime musical experience that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime ??????? unforgettable one

Matt Wang

did not understand any german but still had a lovely time

David --

Concert hall, famous for the New Year`s concert.

Canary Acca

A must see in Vienna, for everyone who loves music. Very beautiful architecture

Dr Matt Koza

The unique for classsic!

Umut Akbas

A must experience in Vienna. The golden hall is a piece of art, Wiener Philarmoniker is amazing. Tickets are impossible online or at the front office,.. Read more »

Alexandru Totan

For me and many others from my Youth Orchestra, it is one of the most beautiful halls in this world ! However, the quality of sound is lacking too muc.. Read more »

Ario Angelo

Beautiful concert hall in Vienna's centre... really worth a visit, to hear and see world class musicians! Focus on classical music...don't know if you.. Read more »


This is a legendary spot for any classical music fan and I must admit I felt goose bumps looking at it before entering. I was lucky enough to be in Wi.. Read more »


One of the most beautiful ballroom venues in Vienna. The Venus is large and beautifully decorated in compared to the hofburg. The ceiling artwork is e.. Read more »

Rasmus Kastbjerg Hansen

Beautiful venue with good seating almost everywhere. Possibly not too much legroom though it wasn't a real problem for me and I'm relatively tall (186.. Read more »

James Wang

Amazing concert hall that is known as one of the four concert halls in the world that has the best acoustics. Standing room tickets only cost 7€ and i.. Read more »


Beautiful concert hall, gilded with gold. From the floor to ceiling there are beautiful works of art as well! Acoustics were great, even if we sat in .. Read more »

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