Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago, USA
4.7 / 10
An unusual museum and at the same time a research center of the Western hemisphere. It is housed in a building built for the opening of the World Exhibition in 1893. The exhibits are shown in dynamics, many copies are made in full size. A small copy of the railway, which functions like a real one, and a puppet palace work for children.
Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Science and Industry
Address:5700 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago
Phone:+1 773-684-1414
Hours:monday: 09:30–16:00 tuesday: 09:30–16:00 wednesday: 09:30–16:00 thursday: 09:30–16:00 friday: 09:30–16:00 saturday: 09:30–16:00 sunday: 09:30–16:00


Went to this amazing place today! My second time here but last time I went was 5years ago. This place never ceases to amaze me! All the hands on experiments that help you learn how things work! With the storm exhibit I love the wave one! It really sh.. Read more »


A huge museum with many interactive displays. For the experience exhibits you will need to pick up timed tickets before you enter so I would plan around that first. A lot of the cool exhibits cost extra so plan ahead and research which ones you want .. Read more »


Definitely one of the best museums I have been to! Easy navigation through the exhibit areas! The Fairy Castle is just amazing - you could spend an hour just looking at this! The food was reasonable and the facility is very well maintained! We wil.. Read more »


I have loved this museum since I was a young kid to now an adult. I truly believe it has so much amazing things for all ages. Can be a bit pricey for the entire family but there is so much to do for the entire day, you wont be disappointed. And there.. Read more »


Absolutely fantastic museum! Well worth the price of admission. We went on a Saturday and only left when the place closed and we had come in when it opened. So much to see, look at and enjoy. U-boat is the crown jewel but we also enjoyed all the .. Read more »


I have been going here since I was a kid. It is wonderful to bring my own kids here now and watch them experience the same wonder and awe I had growing up. The submarine is even bigger than I remembered, and the display is really incredible. The disp.. Read more »


The biggest science industry museum I've ever been. I think it has 4 levels with many exhibits on each level. So lucky that I went here for free (on Monday!). Every exhibit is so interesting and you can really try something to learn how things are. A.. Read more »


This is a extremely charming museum. I have been going here since I was a small child, and I must say that this museum is top-notch. It never gets old, whenever I visit. I do have to mention that it is getting a little bit run-down and unreliable, bu.. Read more »


Adults get to enjoy an afternoon for a mere $29.95 while walking around checking out all the different types of sealife, butterflies,penguins,turtles, snakes, insects plants, and larger than life taxidermy. It was a great afternoon walking through th.. Read more »


I think even if you have been there during the day, at night it is a completely different experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit during the day but was surprised that for some reason, it looked cooler at night despite having relatively the same.. Read more »


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