Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

Ankara, Turkey
4.4 / 5
Founded in 1921 by the personal orders of President Ataturk. The exposition occupies the buildings of a caravan-shed and an indoor market, erected in the 15th century. The main condition for getting exhibits for the museum collection is the attitude to the nationalities that inhabited the lands of Anatolia. There are objects of different periods, starting with the Paleolithic. During the excursion you can get an accompanying English speaking guide.
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
Address:Gözcü Sokak No:2, Ulus
Phone:+90 312 324 31 60
Hours:monday: 08:30–16:00 tuesday: 08:30–16:00 wednesday: 08:30–16:00 thursday: 08:30–16:00 friday: 08:30–16:00 saturday: 08:30–16:00 sunday: 08:30–16:00


Just amazing.. Learning about human kind and civilization.. very impressive and educating.. I would go every time I visit Ankara?


Museum is very good but issue is ticket price specially if you are coming with kids. No family discount. I have kids ages 10-15 and they are not interested but we pay ticket because we don't have any other option.


Well organized museum. It's very small though. Not more than a 30 minute visit. There's a Bazar next door that you could see.


This is a beautiful historically mounted place to develop the idea and cultural formation of these lands. I feel honored to grace the path of art and history these people have dedicated to these halls.


I visited museums all around the world, including New York, Tel-Aviv, Budapest, etc. I think this is the best museum that I have ever been to.


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