Murano Island

Venice, Italy
4.5 / 10
An archipelago of small five islands, on which Venetian glass products have been manufactured for hundreds of years. From here glassmaking spread throughout Venice. On the island you can watch the process of creating masterpieces or visit one of the many shops offering local craftsmen's products for every taste. Murano glass is a well-known global brand, highly valued outside of Italy.
Murano Island
Murano Island
Murano Island
Murano Island
Murano Island


I loved my visit here to shop for glass! The pieces were exquisitely crafted, with such attention to detail and quality! The glassware was of course impressive, but not as fascinating as the more ubique works of art such as sculpture.


This place is also known for Murano Colourful glasses and for the things made of colourful glasses. You will get good food and many restaurants .. glass things are little expensive but visit on this place is worth .Amazing art! You can watch the mast.. Read more »


Nice little island for a half-day away from Venice. It’s really great if you can get to see a glass workshop in operation... make sure to go early in the day because by 3pm many are closed. The shops are a mix of very kitsch souvenir shops and some g.. Read more »


Beautiful place with many glass factories. Must visit a glass factory and see demonstration of glass work by Mestre.


Glass factory tour is good in murano


Worths a visit. Close to the centre


Cozy, tranquil, and beautiful. Great place to visit and shop.


Great place to visit, must see glass blowing factory.


Very nice and quiet city. If you plan to escape from the noise of Venice this is the place you should visit.


Great atmosphere you can enjoy.


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