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★ 4.7

Munich Zoo Hellabrunn

Munich, Germany
4.7 / 23
The zoo is considered one of the best in Europe. Like many modern zoos, it is built on the principle of a natural park, that is, conditions are created for animals as close as possible to natural ones. The biological diversity of Hellabrunn is impressive - more than 750 species of animals and about 20 thousand individuals. The zoo is popular; 1.8 million people visit it annually.
Address:Tierparkstraße 30, München
Phone:+49 89 625080
Hours:monday: 09:00–17:00 tuesday: 09:00–17:00 wednesday: 09:00–17:00 thursday: 09:00–17:00 friday: 09:00–17:00 saturday: 09:00–17:00 sunday: 09:00–17:00

It is the best place to take your babies and kids for a day out. This park is equipped with nice playgrounds, picnic spots, restaurants, coffee places.. Read more »
A truly wonderful, 5 star zoo. The space is large, but not wasted and there is so much to see. The animals look healthy and well cared for, with larg.. Read more »
Very well organized zoo with good infrastructure. There are restaurants, kiosks, bathrooms, chairs and tables everywhere. The animals are beautiful, w.. Read more »
It was a very fun experience, the animals were partially sleeping or hidden at times but we just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time .. Read more »
Lovely zoo, tickets are a bit expensive but it is worth it, enclosures are really nicely decorated, and we spent around 3 hours slowly walking around .. Read more »
Wonderful day out. Kids loved it. Not too expensive. My only gripe is that not all the paths are wheelchair friendly, Cobbles, and wheelchair users kn.. Read more »
Nice zoo with good accessibility throughout. Staff is friendly and kind. Animals seem happy and well cared for. Enclosures are well maintained and cle.. Read more »
Its even better now with some new changes like lion habitat, worth visiting any time of year, ample food stalls and washrooms. Best part is the peacoc.. Read more »
On a summer day, even without having any kids I thoroughly enjoyed myself here. The zoo encloses variety of animals. You can easily spend half a day w.. Read more »
Cool experience, much was under construction. While disappointing, it is good to know the finished result will mean better lives for the animals. Not.. Read more »
A must visit if you are ever in Munich! A wide variety of animals and you truly freely they are in their element and not trapped in a cage. Some const.. Read more »
It’s a beautiful zoo and very well planned, plenty of activities for children of all ages. However, quite a few places are still under construction, s.. Read more »
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Great zoo! So many species. They have indoor and outdoor facilities for almost all animals. Only sad thing was when the elephants were trying to get i.. Read more »
Loved it! The animal display is great, the animals get really close and you have a feeling as if your are inside with them. The play areas for child.. Read more »
The Zoo is really nice and wonderful. It has different varieties of animals, even Mouses and lovely Penguins. You will not walk a lot through pathways.. Read more »
Great little zoo. A wide variety of animals which in many cases can be viewed up close. Also great that they have a choice of languages for the displ.. Read more »
Beautiful zoo, large open spaces for bigger animals. Though the enclosures for penguins, tortoise, guinea pigs could have been made bigger. Good place.. Read more »
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One of the best zoos I've visited. Holding animals imprisoned is always questionable but at Munich they do this in the most natural way possible. And .. Read more »
The best zoo in Bavaria. You can see any kind of animals and even touch a few of them (goats). There are many restaurants with German food (Currywurst.. Read more »
I really appreciated how open the Zoo felt. Eating with my family next to the exhibits were a definite highlight. Food was fairly priced and kept us e.. Read more »
Very good and huge Zoo. You can spend there the whole day. There are some simple caffes, many playgrounds, contact zoo with small goats. Aquarium in a.. Read more »
Very nice place to visit with kids in vacation time. I can easily spend my whole day here without complaining :)
It will be more interesting to travel here in summer than in winter. More active zone to visit.Animals are so cute! Love to be there everyday!
Nice place ❤ our kid was very happy and we had a lot of fun ?
Alot of animals here. Nice place to spend your free time. Save some Entrance fees. Restaurant and small kiosks inside here for food.
Very well prepared and managed zoo i have ever seen.. Saw all animals and covered whole zoo in around 4-5 hours. Went during covid so the enclosed are.. Read more »
This zoo is really fantastic. A lot of animals, most of them are kept without cages just a moat with water, so they can't escape, even lions! I believ.. Read more »
The environment, way birds have been kept and you can visit them. Unfortunately some of the buildings were closed like aquarium else it could be more .. Read more »
Great Zoo which is not too far rom the city center, but still had 2/3 stops on the tube. A great amount of animals to view including a petting zoo, aq.. Read more »
The animals seemed happy and most of them had plenty of space. There's a huge variety of favourites like polar bears, elephants, tigers, lions and ora.. Read more »