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★ 4.7

Mtatsminda Park

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.7 / 40
The park is located on top of the mountain of the same name. Since XIX, this place has gained popularity among the townspeople, there appeared numerous taverns. In the 30s. XX century on the mountain was defeated them. Stalin, who became the prototype of a modern amusement park. On the territory there are attractions, water slides, original sculptures, models of ancient castles, cafes and green recreation areas.
Phone:+995 32 249 23 23
Hours:monday: 12:00–23:45 tuesday: 12:00–23:45 wednesday: 12:00–23:45 thursday: 12:00–23:45 friday: 12:00–23:45 saturday: 12:00–23:45 sunday: 12:00–23:45

Jamil Maksudi

Magnificent views are opening from this panoramic park. I was surprised that it had so much attractions for children and cafes fir while families. A.. Read more »

Ria Vinuya

We went on the weekend and apparently there’s of lot of people coming. The waiting for the train is quite long and it’s not enough to take everyone up.. Read more »

Jonathan Forman

Mtatsminda is one of the most popular mountains in Georgia, and offers fantastic views of the cityscape. On a clear day, you can see all the way to th.. Read more »

Arnab Chakraborti

Amusement park attractions apart, spectacular views of Tbilisi city from over 700 meters height vantage. The way to get there yes is unique, a funicul.. Read more »

Alexey Subach

Nice park to walk around. You don't have to use funicular to get there from the city - there is a trail you can walk in ~30 minutes or even less. Don'.. Read more »

Lovedeep Singh

Average rides but a beautiful site. A very good change for us. Got a rides card of 60 Lari and I think a couple doesn’t need more. The view of city is.. Read more »

Bilal Akpınar

The park was wonderful! We did trekking to the park and the park has a beautiful city view! There’re faucets all around the parks of Tbilisi, I drank .. Read more »

Ilya Litvinov

A fun place to take a walk in the big park, enjoy some rides as it is also a small amusement park (We personally went on the little 'horror ride in th.. Read more »

Jeffrey Mendoza

It is a good park. No entrance fee. Clean and covers huge area. There are a lot of activities and food stalls. The rides are really affordable. The vi.. Read more »

Yuqi Wang

We climbed up Mtatsminda Park from the bottom and took the cable car/ little train down. The sunset on the mountain is amazing, so as the night scene... Read more »

Millissa Guisti

Was freezing cold on the day we went up there so wanted something hot to drink. Many places were closed. Big wheel was a fun experience and very reaso.. Read more »

Rich Bartolome

The place was quiet and high up. I was looking forward to ride the Ferris wheel ? its a bummer no one was there to give us a ride. But we had dinner a.. Read more »


The view is perfect both days and nights. You'd better visit the park before dawns and after. Observation wheel is in addition. But prices are enormo.. Read more »

Chanel van der Merwe

Lovely place for a day out, has rides, games and other fun family activities. There are some wonderful up-market as well as down to earth restaurants .. Read more »

Rikki-Lee Burley

Very well priced rides and games. Entrance is free and there are great photo op spots. We ate at one of the Georgian restaurants and it was absolutely.. Read more »

Faseeh Khan

One of the ways to reach the park is by train and it is recommended to go by train to experience the steep climb which was made in 1905 and continues .. Read more »

KY Philip

Loved it. It is a good place to get a panoramic view of the city. It could have been a better place to sit quietly and reflect, but the crickets' cons.. Read more »


Rides aren't too updated but it's nice for a casual afternoon. The sphero had a cool visual art movie playing. Getting a card to ride the rides was ea.. Read more »

Betsy & The City

Fun place, for kids and families / adults like! Been open since 1905, wow! ?️ Free entry and simply top up credit for rides, very cheap! Enjoyed the.. Read more »

Ruman Bashir

Beautiful amusement park built on a hill and surrounded by a very beautiful green park. It's great for young kids and generally for tourists to visit .. Read more »


Nice little park with lots of play areas, rides for kids, Tbilisi city views and little munching place. Funicular ride to get into the park through a .. Read more »

iliagamer 123

Great place to hang out with friends but prices are pretty high. Also theres often festivals like wine festival or cheese festival or paint or water g.. Read more »

Richa Soni

Firstly an amazing way to reach this place is the tram that moves every 10-15 mins to and fro. View is spectacular ? Have two restaurants fairly pri.. Read more »

M Bodily

Great park to take kids. Lots of fun rides! They have a great park with slides and swings. Great food options. We eill definitely be back!

Roman Grossi (Tobishua)

Very nice observation point from which you can see the whole city. At the night tower has colors lights and it looks amazing! Ferris wheel is old but .. Read more »

Nikoloz Kapanadze

Beautiful views, fun attractions and various restaurants and cafes make this place worth visiting. People of all ages will have fun here. Definitely w.. Read more »

Elizabet Beridze

Its a place for all ages, its a place to just enjoy the view, or get crazy and have fun. The place is huge, and so amazingly beautiful. No mater how o.. Read more »

giorgi salamashvili

Mtatsminda Park is a famous landscaped park located at the top of Mount Mtatsminda overlooking the Georgian capital Tbilisi. The park has carousels, w.. Read more »

Gurdeep Verma

Mtatsminda Park is an amusement facility located atop Mount Mtatsminda on 770 meter height overlooking the Georgian capital Tbilisi. It is the highes.. Read more »

Kote Gagnidze

Great place to spend time and relax. There you can see amazing views of city and mountains.

Ana Motsonelidze

Great place for a walk with family, kids. A lot of attractions for kids entertainment. Great view on the city. One can go there by car, by bus or by r.. Read more »

Sailom Auroral

I love to go there just walk around have some food and enjoy the view.

Robert Martini

A very nice place where to walk, breath and to get a wonderful overview of the city

Lucas F

Nice place to go for a stroll with your kids, and spend a weekend. It is not expensive as well, and there are free events outside for the kids.

Alexander Urushadze

Great for kids and family. Many attractions and cafes. Its very beautiful place with prefious panoramas over Tbilisi

George Mumladze

Damaged chair, overall good ?

Maia Gabunia

Nice Park, good place for children and adults. Many attractions, contact zoo, cafes

Thavashan Naicker

A cool and chilled theme park, not of the standards that we're used to in Australia, South Africa and the USA. but definitely worth the family outing... Read more »

GG Esaia

Beautiful nature, excellent place who love green park and attractions, also you can find there some restaurant and cafes. especially I liked the view .. Read more »

lizzi g

This is close to the freedom square which is the most touristic area. You can get a full view of Tblisi and beyond from the top of this place. Easily .. Read more »