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Mother of Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.6 / 33
The monument is a symbol of Georgia's national character, with many features intertwined. Mother Cartley's figure symbolizes hospitality and, at the same time, a willingness to defend herself against enemies. The statue was created in 1958 by sculptor E. Amashukeli to celebrate the one and a half thousandth anniversary of the founding of the Georgian capital. The first monument was created of wood, in 1963 it was replaced with an aluminum copy.
Address:Sololaki Street, Tbilisi
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Vinu Balachandran

An iconic monument which can be visible from anywhere in Tbilisi.. holding sword in one hand to protect and wine in other hand to welcome the visitors.. Read more »

Hanie Azizy

It’s a good place to visit with a nice view of the town. You can go there by walking if you are a fan of walking. If not you can use cable car ?

JC Reyes

A must visit place when in Tbilisi, Georgia. This place provides stunning visual of entirety of Tbilisi's 'Old Town. This spot is accessible via the c.. Read more »

shayan bakhshi

Here is place that you can approach by car cable or by walk, I went by cable car for each person 5 Larry if you have transportation car, you also can .. Read more »

ah med

It’s easy to see why so many Georgians are proud. Stunning, Breathtaking really impressive. I recommend people visit and see it for themselves

Arwa AbuKashef

Such a marvellous spot, and view and feeling i got when i was close to it! I liked it, and i think it's designer's sense is an excellent one ? U can p.. Read more »

Carolann de souza

Enjoyed the cable car ride up . An exhilarating experience. Gorgeous view

Bilal Akpınar

Beautiful monument! Mother of Georgia has a beautiful Tbilisi view! But I didn’t find any good spot so take a photo! But you can see the statue from R.. Read more »

NaturesCycleLLC Circulus

The beginning was good, we rode up in the cable car and saw the Mother of Georgia. However, when we were leaving we were literally grabbed by a guy wi.. Read more »

Samantha H.

Grab those comfy sneakers and make your way to the very top. It truly is magical seeing the city from that perspective.


I loved the statue. Unfortunately there was no pedestal with information about the statue so I couldn’t know the history of it but I just saw it and i.. Read more »

Sharon L. Ware

Fantastic trip over to see her in the gondola from across the river. Well worth it. Definitely listen to the explanation in English by scanning this b.. Read more »

mark andrew hamilton

Beautiful, iconic, silent and stately. Not to mention the views of Tbilisi down below. A definite must for any visit to Georgia.

Mamello “Mum-z” Mokoena

The statue is quite impressive. The walk up the the statue will give you a good work out. It is difficult to take a good picture of the front of the .. Read more »

Sirpa West

Took the cable car up in the evening. Great view of the city. The ride up is really quick, you can walk down which is really nice.

Asma Sajid

Loved the view from there, but I thought the cable car is available there and walked all way to mother of Georgia only to know it don’t operate from .. Read more »

Hermon Basil

The view from the tower is beautiful. Gives you the fill view of Tbilisi city. Need to take cable cart which is 6 lari for 1 person. It is generally a.. Read more »

Bernardo Sousa d'Alte

Good view of Tbilisi from above. But to better see the Mother of Georgia you must see it from far away.

Raheel Aziz

Higly recommended.. can be accessed through cable car.. which cost roughly few GEL per adult

Robert Amery

Going up the cable car at night is breathtaking and such amazing g views in every directions

Abdullah Maher

This place located on the top side of the city, i recommend to go there to stay and enjoy with the weather on the summer if not sunny, there you will .. Read more »

Mohammad Al-Hadrusi

Wow this is a great statue, beautiful place, you can go there by cable car and the mother of Georgia she will be ready to welcome you with a cup of wi.. Read more »

Mohammad Sarraj

A wonderful place you have to visit it and also the cable car there is amazing city and river view.

Big Side

Nice view to the city tibialisi

Jennifer De Witt

If you come to Tbilisi, you have to see her. Stand with her above the city and marvel at all Georgia has accomplished and the freedoms it has today. T.. Read more »

rauchego rauch

My advise, don’t go there by taxi or any other transport, try to hike over there, because there this path is really amazing

Robair Boctor

Great place for tourist.

Shalva Sultanishvili

Mother cannot be bad.

Sooryajith Sathyan

Kartucis deda or symbel of tblisi or mother of Georgia. People coming to narikala hill to see this statue

Mohammad Qutaishat

See the statue from the city below, go up to the statue to view the city from the top! The Mother of Georgia or Kartlis Deda as it is known in Georgia.. Read more »

Robin TOURNADRE (‫Робин /

Great place for a view over Tbilisi, go up the fort ruins

Sharatchandra Rao

Kartlis Deda (Mother of Kartli or Mother of Georgia) is a monument in Tbilisi. The statue was erected on the top of Sololaki hill in 1958, the year T.. Read more »

Megi Papiashvili

Love this place! Wonderful views of gorgeous Tbilisi! ^_^

Sharon John

The pride of Georgia! Truly a sight to behold!

ლიეხიმ ეძიქილემ

Symbol of Georgian hospitality from Soveit times

Roozbeh Rahiminejat

You see such a monument in the capital of all the Soviet Unionو n memory of the millions of people who were martyred in the path of freedom to fight a.. Read more »

James Blassingame

Georgia is a very interesting country. To say the least. The Mother of Georgia statue and overlook provides a unique and expansive view of the entir.. Read more »

Tamta Trapaidze

mother of Georgia is always ready to welcome friends with cup of fine. You can get there by cable car which costs 2.5 one way. Or try narikala way to .. Read more »


Amazing view of Tibilisi. Reach the statue by cable car. It's worth getting up both day and night. It is different and also beautiful. The statue itse.. Read more »

All In One Best

Nice big stachus in Georgia. You can reach there using cable car per head it will charge 2.5 Lari per head and need to pay via metro cards only. Nigh.. Read more »

hamad jagirani

Good place to visit. Mother of Georgia is the monument in Tbilisi the capital of Georgia. It is so big to be visible from very far. Mother of Georgia .. Read more »