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Moscow Zoo

Moscow, Russia
4.8 / 5
One of the oldest in Europe, has been hosting visitors since 1864. Currently, the zoo contains about 6 thousand individuals. They represent more than a thousand species of animals. The territory is divided by subject. There are both open displays and open-air cages, and closed. Anyone can arrange the guardianship of the animal they like, finance its maintenance and receive a number of privileges. The living symbol of the zoo is the Samson giraffe.
Moscow Zoo
Address:Большая Грузинская улица, 1, Москва
Phone:+7 499 252-29-51

Akash Sarda

Really cute animals. Very easy to find and navigate through. Great experience.

Sarah Witowski

Lots of renovations going on to update and improve the zoo. Currently it's fairly modern, although some of the animals are in dingy or too small cages.. Read more »

Vasilis K.

Nice zoo, in the heart of the city. A beautiful place to walk around. I've seen more impressive ones though, like in Amsterdam and Belgium. But what m.. Read more »

Игорь Сидоров

Awesome zoo with amazing playground in the center of the city. playground made of wood. and even a covering was made of tree bark

Erick Flores

This is a great place to enjoy in the weekend and to spend the whole day there. Take your family or friends to this beautiful zoo and be able to see a.. Read more »


Great place for adults and kids. Lots of great animals to see, well maintained and very well decorated. If you visit Moscow, make sure to check it out.. Read more »

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