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Moscow subway

Moscow, Russia
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The largest metro in the territory of the former USSR. The first line was launched in 1935, it connected Sokolniki and Park Kultury. Currently, 15 lines have been laid with a length of almost 400 km. Of the 230 active stations, 48 are recognized as objects of cultural heritage of Russia. The design of some halls of the metro resembles museums, there are guided tours, including night ones.
Moscow subway
Address:Балаклавский проспект владение 5А строение 11, Москва
Phone:+7 495 539-54-54

Alex А

The Moscow metro is a fairly convenient way to travel around the huge city. I don't live in Moscow myself, I use the metro here when I come. But every.. Read more »

Вадим Клюшин

The metro is developing, new and beautiful stations are opening up and it's great. Only in the new long trains it’s not comfortable, it’s very cool, b.. Read more »

Darshana Ratnayake

One of a best tourists visit in my russian tour. Wonderful stations understand. Many designs. Better you take a good camera, so you can get 100 of eye.. Read more »


Many new stations, cleanliness and comfort, coziness, air conditioning and screens with Internet information and entertainment on new trains, repairs .. Read more »

Слава Паршин

Some metro stations built in the cemetery often see ghosts in the metro

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