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Morosini Lions Fountain

Heraklion, Greece
3.9 / 8
Morosini Lions Fountain
Address:Platia Eleftheriou Venizelou, Iraklio
Phone:+30 281 340 9000
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

Khadamon Khadamon

It's nice and there. Not really impressive without the missing piece but hey, you can't miss it.


One of the most beautiful spots in town. I have been going there for more than 50 years. I used to go there with my parents especially to eat the tra.. Read more »

Gesticulator 41

Interesting Greek touristic culture. Many tourists and me and my wife in the middle of all of that . . . crowd. Good restaurants (all of them full). A.. Read more »

Massimiliano Scialla

Pretty Venetian style fountain in the centre of Heraklion. Always crowded of locals and tourists.


Cool fountain but you really come to shop in the area around it.

Nils Loewen

Alright fountain and plaza. Lots of locals to watch in their natural habitat. Nothing special.

Marius Piu

A return to past

Marika Schimonová

strange people and pigeons around. not so pleasant. I would definitely recommend to skip this highlight if you don't actually walk around it

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