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Monument to Adam Mickiewicz

Lviv, Ukraine
4.9 / 7
Monument to Adam Mickiewicz
Address:площа Міцкевича, Львів
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

Dima Pjtig

Lviv the best!

Rudy Arias

Beautiful part of the city. This is the view from my Airbnb.

Наталя Левчук

My relatives from Poland very like poet Mitskevich and were very happy to saw him in Lviv

Michael Eliosov

A cool and nice looking monument to an very important Polish poet, although it was once mocked as a giant pencil

Akhil Vlogs

Beautiful statue but in a busy street

Ian Bagg

Lovley statues all in bronze beautiful backgrounds

roberto vinti

I want make a wonderdul feedback for Lviv city...wonderdul places, wonderdul restaurants and wonderful people...

Sviatoslav Saliy

Cool place to take pictures. A lot of buildings around with own interesting story each. But one weird thing, a lot of traffic especially at rush hours.. Read more »

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