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Monastery of Brygidkas

Lutsk, Ukraine
3.8 / 5
Brigidok Monastery - Monastery of the first Lutsk female Catholic Order; a monument of architecture of national importance, located on 16, Katedralnaya Street, in the historical and cultural reserve.
Monastery of Brygidkas
Monastery of Brygidkas
Address:вулиця Кафедральна, 16, Луцьк


Restoration is required.

Brain Plus

The house looks a little tired. It's time to restore it a bit.

Юлия Фокс

Already half-destroyed facade - fungus and plaster fly away. The roof is flowing. Repairs inside at their own expense

oleh romanovskyi

A monument of national importance is located near the castle. This is a brigade of monks - representatives of an ancient female Catholic order, who ar.. Read more »

Роман Васюта

There used to be a nunnery here, before the big fire in Lutsk, which started from this place, but the manager of the monastery forbade the entrance to.. Read more »

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