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Mogoşoaia Palace

Bucharest, Romania
4.7 / 26
The palace and park ensemble, located 10 km. from the capital of Romania. It is one of the brightest examples of Brynkovyan architecture. The complex served as the summer residence of the Romanian rulers. At the beginning of the XVIII century the Turks took the palace (Wallachia was under Ottoman rule for a long time). The building and the territory of the park were badly damaged during the Russo-Turkish war. After the restoration of 1860-1880. Mogoshoyaya passed into the possession of the aristocratic family of Bibescu, in 1945 the palace was transferred to the state.
Address:Strada Valea Parcului 1, Mogoșoaia
Phone:+40 21 350 6619
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: 10:00–18:00 wednesday: 10:00–18:00 thursday: 10:00–18:00 friday: 10:00–18:00 saturday: 10:00–18:00 sunday: 10:00–18:00

Ting Han

Its a beautiful palace with beautiful parks and beautiful nature around. The palace itself has a lot of stores and history to tell. I would totally re.. Read more »

Tasty Kouki

Beautiful area with a park that's free to walk around, and the palace itself is 10 lei to enter. It's worth the visit. Beautiful but small palace with.. Read more »

Emil Cristian Ghita (Emil

The park is beautiful, the lake is pretty clean and inside the complex you can find art galleries, contemporary art exhibitions and lost of history in.. Read more »

Miro Sučić

Nice place to visit. At winter is not crowded. Lake, small shops, caffe... makes you happy.

Rares Andrei Matei

One of the "must visit" places at the outskirts of Bucharest, a short 15 minutes drive on a weekend. Kids and pets friendly. I would suggest a sunset .. Read more »

Logan Saunders

A very beautiful place to visit in northwestern Bucharest away from the hustle and bustle. There's a big park nearby and some people fishing by a gas .. Read more »

Фома Фомич Гольцев

Pretty neat. Went on a November werkend and the place was not busy at all. The grounds are super nice and it had some interesting stuff to see. The in.. Read more »

Ivan Mishev

Very interesting and beautiful place! Highly recommended! Perfect option to spend a couple of hours walking around.

corneliu sava

Wonderful park, take half a day to walk through, good for walking, running, cycling, even for long walk with you dog. The palace and garden nice also.. Read more »

Corina Moraru

Beautiful place! A must see for old times lovers. We had a very nice guide. She is fluent in English and French and she knows her job. She told us a l.. Read more »

Mihai Danciu

A gem! Great vibes and a great place. One of the greatest natural parks near Bucharest! Restaurants, Picknic areas, Playgrounds, Lakes. You name it, M.. Read more »

ana maria dumitru

It is a nice place for a walk, or a picnic and is very near from Bucharest. The arhitecture of the palace and the garden are very beautiful. What i di.. Read more »

Eugen Taso

Beautiful location, expansive gardens and a glimpse of the past wealth...worth a stop. Well kept and renovated.

Irina Leonte

Favorite place for a quick escape from the city noise. Clean, well maintained. Went there for a picnic on Easter day and it was not as crowded as we'v.. Read more »

Sajal Gallery

Mogoșoaia Palace (Romanian: Palatul Mogoșoaia, pronounced [paˈlatul moɡoˈʃo̯aja]) is situated about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Bucharest, Romania. It.. Read more »

Laura Nicolae

Great place for a few hours disconnect from the city. Nice museum, nice park, can get pretty crowded in the weekend.

Sofia Nagy

We didn't go inside, I'm not sure it's open for visits, but it was nice and peaceful to look at from the outside.

D.J. A.

Got married here. What more can I say? Many couples come on their wedding day just to take photos. You have to pay a fee to take professional photos.

Jan Abe

Nice, quiet place to be visited in a rainy day. Quite the opposite from sunny days when crowds of people and dogs fill the place with noise and dirt. .. Read more »

Yogev Reboh

Beautiful big park. Great for kids and adults. Open even now in the COVID-19 time and at most people do respect the rules and are keeping distance. Pl.. Read more »

Dorin Dridea

Mogoșoaia is outside of Bucharest, in its suburbs. It is the former estate of one of Romanians greates rulers. The surroundings been converted to a pa.. Read more »

Sri lankan Traveling Chef

Very attractive place to visit in Romania,near to Bucharest.The lady in charge of the old kitchen very well informed me of its old use.thank you so mu.. Read more »

Mihai Iosif

A large park, a lake, a forest with old and tall trees, a 300-year-old palace, restaurants, an exhibition of modern painting, an exhibition with objec.. Read more »

Realini Barzoi

The Palace is magnificent, but the administration is incompetent...they have more than 100 lights on in the middle of the Day because they are connect.. Read more »

Gaby Dumitrache

Nice place to go for a walk. It is free to visit the park and the gardens.

Silviu Dan Tanasie

Mogoșoaia is outside of Bucharest, in its suburbs. It is the former estate of one of Romanians greates rulers. The surroundings been converted to a pa.. Read more »

Vali.D. M

Nice historical building complex, with park and lake. You can have a picnic there

dorel batovski

Nice architecture. The restoration process could have been better.

Eliza Alina Stanescu

Such a beautiful place, perfect for a calm and quiet walking in the garden. It gave me a boost of positive energy.

A.C. J.

The park was very well groomed, very clean, with beautiful scenery, which is the only reason you should come for. It is a good place for a relaxing wa.. Read more »

Alexandra Cojan

I love the paintings, the byzantine objects and carpets. They reflect the impact over our culture and customs. I really like the place. Restaurants an.. Read more »